Silvio’s Pizza House Richmond Review & Menu

Slivio's pizza

We recently had a goodbye party for a team member at work and wanted to try another pizza place for a team lunch in our board room. The goodbye party included Pizza from Silvio’s Pizza House, Sam had his usual Chicken Karaage from Rice Workshop, a few rounds of the party game “A Fake Artist Goes to New York” and watching the Flavor of Love season 1 reunion.

a fake artist goes to new york in an office

Here’s what we ordered from Silvios Pizza House Richmond: Silvio’s Special (large), Napoletana Pasta (entree), Alla Silvio’s Pasta (entree), Meat Lovers Pizza (small) and Mexicana Pizza (large). This came to exactly $100.

Silvio’s Special Pizza

silvios special pizza richmond
Silvio’s Special (Large): Tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, onions, olives, and peppers.

Here’s my Silvio’s Special, I ordered it because I like to try out the various “house special” pizzas at various restaurants so long as they don’t have anchovies or prawns on them and this ticked that box. To me this felt like a very Australian-style pizza shop pizza. It was a bit like a vegetarian pizza but with ham under it. It was quite good, olives are a good substitute for bacon for adding flavour to the pizza. I also liked that it had onion on it. I rarely have pizza with onion on it and I feel like it’s an underrated topping. Overall, the pizza seemed fair for its price but was nothing amazing.

Mexicana Pizza

silvios richmond mexicana pizza
Mexicana (Large): Tomato, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and hot salami.

Jack had the Mexicana which is quite typical of him. He left this behind in the fridge after work, so I took it home and ate it. I had it cold and it was still pretty good. I think this pizza is likely better than Silvio’s Special if I’d tried them both when warm.

Meat Lovers

silvios richmond meatlovers pizza
Meat Lovers (Small): Tomato, cheese, ham, hot salami & bacon

Kyle the intern had a small Meat Lovers pizza. We were surprised at how much smaller the small was than the large. It looked pretty good though.

Alla Silvio’s Pasta

Silvios italian alla silvio pasta
Alla Silvio’s Pasta (Entree): Chorizo, spring onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus in a garlic and white wine sauce with your choice of pasta (Penne).

Jan says: My dish is Alla Silvio’s. They use good ingredients. The spicy chorizo and sweet cherry tomatoes, this simple combination of ingredients make up this dish full of flavour. The pasta is cooked in white wine and olive oil, the pasta felt lovely and light. It’s a good choice for lunch. Overall this dish felt fresh and delicious just like home cooking.

Napoletana Pasta

silvios richmond napoletana pasta
Napoletana Pasta (Entree): Fresh homemade Napoli sauce with Penne pasta with added Parmesan Cheese, Chilli and Garlic.

Silvio’s Pizza Menu


Garlic Bread – $5.50

Minestrone – $9.50

Bowl Chips – $7.50

Bruschetta Toscana – $13

Calamari Rings – $14

Spicy Wedges – $9.50


Garlic – $11~$16

Herb – $11~$16

Half-Half Pizza (Large)

Silvio’s Special – $13~$20

Capricciosa -$12.5~19.5

Marinara – $15~$21.5

Quattro Stagioni – $14.5~$21

Luciana – $12.5~$19

Napoletana – $12.5~$19

Margherita – $11.5~$17

Caterina – $12.5~$19.5

Sofia – $12.5~$19.5

Americana – $12.5~$19.5

Vegetarian – $12.5~$19.5

Rosemarie – $13.5~$20.5

Mushroom – $12.5~$19

Tropical – $13~$20

Australiana – $13~$20

Vesuvio – $14.5~$21

Primavera – $13~$20

Vittoria – $15~$21.5

Mexicana – $13.5~$20.5

Supreme – $15.5~$23

Chicken – $14~$20.5


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio – $14.5~$19

Penne al Pesto – $16~$20.5

Penne al Salmone -$17.5~$22.5

Gnocchi alla Panna – $17.5~$22

Spaghetti Alla Silvio’s – $17.5~$22

Fettuccine Amatriciana – $16~$20.5

Penne Arrabbiata – $16~$20.5

Spaghetti Bolognese – $14.5~$19

Fettuccine Carbonara -$16~$20.5

Chicken and Avocado – $17~$21.5

Tortellini Cream and Mushroom – $16.5~$21

Spaghetti Marinara – $21~$25.5

Spaghetti Napoletana – $14~$18.5

Penne Vegetarian – $16~$20.5

Cannelloni – $21

Lasagna – $21


Chicken & Mushroom – $18.5~23

Seafood – $21~25.5

Vegetarian -$17.5~$22


Porterhouse Steak – $32

Veal Parmigiana – $27

Chicken Parmigiana – $27

Vienna Schnitzel – $25

Chicken Schnitzel – $25

Scaloppini Vino Bianco – $29

Scaloppini Mushroom – $29

Fresh fish of the day – $31

Calamari Fritti – $29


Mixed Garden Salad – $8

Greek Salad – $11

Ceasar Salad -$16

Chicken Caesar Salad -$21


Bacio – $7

Cassata – $7

Gianduiotto – $7

Marroncino – $7

Special Mocca – $7

Tartufo – $7

Tiramisu – $7


Bottled Water – $3

Coke – $3

Coke No Sugar – $3

Lemonade – $3

Solo – $3

Sunkist – $3

Aranciata Rossa – $4.5

Chinotto – $5.5

San Pellegrino Mineral Water – $6

Dry Ginger Ale – $4.5

Soda Water – $4.5

Tonic Water – $4.5

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