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I’ve been flat out at work lately, so it’s actually been a few weeks since I tried Lamaro’s Hotel in South Melbourne, so forgive me if this is a little bit brief, hopefully, I’ll get back here soon for something more in-depth.

The Atmosphere at Lamaros Hotel

My boss loves this restaurant, he is always having business meeting here and taking clients here. I swear I’ve seen multiple meetings here in the same day in his calendar before. When we went, on a Friday it was absolutely packed. The clientele was very classy. I could tell just by looking around that a lot of wheeling and dealing between business people goes on here. I would say the only thing that hindered my experience was just how loud it was in there. I don’t know if it was the acoustics or me not being used to eating in a fully booked-out restaurant.

Classic Beef Tartare

My boss suggested we get the Classic Beef Tartare as an entree. I’ve only had this once before, so I was happy to try it again. It’s a strange novelty to eat raw minced beef. The quail egg was a surprise to me. I don’t like egg yolks, but luckily my boss ate that part.I think the presentation here was quite good, but between two people, I think a little more bread would have been helpful.

Veal Schnitzel

According to my boss, the Veal Schnitzel at Lamaros is one of the few menu items that hasn’t changed since the place opened. This is his go-to here and it did look really good. It features sourdough crumbs with parmesan and lemon, pan-fried with Italian slaw and mustard sauce.

200g Grass Fed Hopkins River Black Angus Eye Fillet

I ordered this steak, I believe it was medium or medium-rare and it came with fries. The steaks here are cooked over red gum and come with your choice of sauce. I got the black pepper sauce and was surprised to receive scoops of my choice of mustard from a waiter. From memory, I got Old English and horseradish.

Now I’m not a massive steak expert, and I’m really only now starting to appreciate high-end steaks. But so far, this is the best steak I’ve ever had. Much better than those I’ve had at Rockpool at Crown, Meat & Wine Co in Campberwell or the now-defunct Squires Loft at Pacific Werribee. I’m definitely excited to return to Lamaros Hotel for another steak for lunch soon.

Lamaro’s Hotel Menu

Below is the current menu as of 24/7/2023 when this was published.

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