7 Fun Activities To Try On A Rainy Day In Melbourne

7 Fun Activities To Try On A Rainy Day In Melbourne

While it may seem like a warm start to autumn, we all know that it won’t be long before the leaves start dropping, along with the temperature. 

Melbourne’s climate makes it known as the city of ‘four seasons in a day’, but that doesn’t mean your choice of activities for enjoyment have to be dampened by a high chance of rain. 

There are plenty of indoor activities and locations that are perfect for an otherwise drizzly, dreary day. 

There’s always the cinema as the go-to for wet-weather, but don’t forget several other ways to be entertained right here in Melbourne when the sun takes a snooze behind a cloud. 

From putting on your Sherlock Holmes hat to treating yourself to high tea, here are 7 exciting and fun activities to do when it’s pouring.

1. Beat the clock in an escape room

If you’re someone who loves logic, analysis, and a little danger, an escape room could be perfect for you. Embrace the opportunity to embody your inner detective with Melbourne’s mystery rooms experience.

Grab some friends or colleagues for a great team-building exercise as you race against time to get yourself out by using your mind to solve carefully crafted puzzles.

It is also a perfect challenge for teamwork, problem-solving and deductive reasoning. This activity is fun for teens and above, so it makes for a great family outing too. Whether or not you make it out in time, you’ll be sure to have a thrilling experience.

2. Explore interactive history at the museum

Many of Melbourne Museum’s exhibits delve into the past, teaching us about historical societies, nature and how the world used to be before human presence.

Right now, however, you can go one step further and become fully immersed, finding out what it might have been like to take a fateful journey. Spend a day on the world’s most infamous cruise liner, by attending Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition

The exhibit houses a great number of artefacts from the original wreckage and puts you in the shoes of genuine human stories. You’ll step inside with a ‘boarding pass’ and the name and details of a real-life passenger, for a truly immersive experience that brings real historical events to life.

3. Research a bushranger, then walk in his shoes 

Humour your inner bookworm or Belle, with a reading session in the State Library’s La Trobe reading room that looks like it was taken straight out of the Beast’s castle. There you’ll find an exhibit showcasing Ned Kelly’s armour and books on the infamous ranger, and what better place to learn about him than in one of Australia’s most beautiful libraries. 

Follow it up with a trip to the Old Melbourne Gaol where you can tour the watch house and see where he was infamously hanged. You can also learn about other famous figures Elizabeth Scott, the first woman hanged in Victoria, and Angus Murray, the last man hanged in the prison. 

The gaol also runs a guided tour on select nights focusing on stories from the hangman’s perspective. However, it is only recommended for those 16 years and older. 

4. Walk underwater in an aquarium

Earless seal swim in aquarium

The earth is 75% water, and with that comes an abundance of life beneath its surface. Whether you’re a budding marine biologist or you’ve just always wanted to unlock your inner mermaid, the SEA Life exhibits at Melbourne Aquarium can allow you to learn about the numerous marine creatures that make up our blue planet. 

So allow yourself to swim with the fish, all whilst remaining comfortable on dry land. Wander around at your own pace, or book for demonstrations and guides. You’ll find all sorts of marine creatures including penguins, and don’t forget to check out the lush rainforest adventure garden too.

5. Treat yourself to English afternoon tea

Spoil yourself with a traditional English High Tea at the iconic Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

Now as much a part of Melbourne’s history as the heritage Block arcade in which it is situated, this is the perfect place to indulge in a scone or cucumber sandwich with a pot of tea. The venue has been perfecting its afternoon tea for over 132 years, since it opened in 1892. 

Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation amongst Melbourne’s homage to Milan with its stunning Italian architecture that conjures images of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and feel as though you’re in an Agatha Christie novel hearing the rain tap against the roof as you sip from your dainty ceramic tea cup.

6. Go where art and history meet at NGV

Side view portrait of elegant senior woman looking at paintings while enjoying exhibition in modern gallery or museum, copy space

If you’re looking for a more abstract way to have fun and build knowledge, then be sure to set a day aside to explore the National Gallery of Victoria. NGV is not only the home to many classic and modern artists, both domestic and international, but is a historic piece of architecture in itself, as it is the oldest museum in Australia. 

Delve into an exhibit of classic and contemporary art, all within a piece of art itself. You’ll find their exhibitions are regularly changing, so keep an eye out for upcoming artists and new talent.

7. Discover film from an artistic viewpoint

We all know there’s an opportunity for a movie on a rainy day, but how about from a different perspective? There are a bunch of exhibitions highlighting the history of cinema at ACMI, with displays being shown year-round. It’s also a great opportunity to take a step back in time and have the chance to view some classic films from the big screen perspective. 

Don’t forget that both ACMI and the Ian Potter Centre nearby both consistently have exhibitions on fashion in film and pop culture. Some past exhibitions include the fashion of David Bowie, and fashion in various Australian films where you can see on-screen outfits displayed, including from the Aussie classic ‘The Dressmaker’ featuring Kate Winslet.


When it comes to a day of drizzle in Melbourne, don’t let it dampen your plans, and explore the many indoor activities that are on offer in Melbourne.

In our city of eclectic history and diverse architecture, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained indoors as the seasons shift. It’s also a good time to research new hobbies and classes in Melbourne, as a way to stay social and try something new in the colder months. 

Failing that, grab your raincoat and boots and jump in the puddles. 

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