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Pizza Pasta Chapellis Italian Chapel Street

Today for lunch, my second day back in the office after two weeks of paternity leave I was really craving pizza for lunch. When looking up new places to try, the photo of the carbonara pasta at Chapelli’s Spaghetti Bar & Restaurant looked really appealing on Uber Eats. Here’s a photo of the dish from the Uber Eats menu below.

While $31 for a pasta dish seemed pretty steep, it has been a while since I’ve had proper carbonara from a restaurant. That’s the Uber Eats price for it anyway, perhaps it is cheaper if you go there yourself. Chapel Street is pretty close to my office, so I figured it would get here quickly, and it did.

Carbonara Pasta at Chapelli’s Review by Keith

Bacon, a touch of garlic, cream, and parmesan cheese sauce, finished with egg.

Here is a nice close-up of the Fettucine Carbonara pasta I ordered. It arrived in a large plastic container, the typical large size, which is a good amount of food. I probably shouldn’t have tried to eat the whole thing, as I’m now incredibly full.

In terms of taste, I definitely felt like I was eating a good quality meal. The pasta was cooked perfectly and I’m sure it was a high-end pasta used, not a $2 bag from Coles or Woolworths. Their description of “a touch of garlic” was accurate, it was very subtle, and whilst I’m a massive fan of garlic, I think this would be the amount that most people would be happy with.

When ordering it, the description of “finished with egg” had me a little worried that there would be big chunks of egg on top of it, but luckily, that was not the case. I can’t stand eggs, but I do love carbonara and find that it is always better when egg is used.

The bacon was also good quality and the quantity seemed appropriate. Overall I was very satisfied with this meal.

Margherita Pizza Review by Jack Gallagher-Bohn

Tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, basil, and cheese.

In my fervent pursuit of an option that would align with my financial limitations, I embarked upon an arduous perusal of the menu. However, my relentless search yielded only a solitary alternative that exhibited logical coherence to my discerning mind—the Margherita pizza. Priced at a rather exorbitant $27, this particular pizza promptly elevated my expectations, engendering a presumption of superior quality from the outset. Following an interminable duration that seemed to transpire within the fleeting span of a mere half hour, my manager, Keith, materialised beside me, bearing the much-awaited gastronomic creation. Promptly seizing the opportunity, I promptly captured visual evidence of both repasts, intending to incorporate them into this textual exposition, and without further ado, commenced the indulgence of my epicurean desires.

Now, it behoves me to preface my subsequent assertions with an important caveat: I possess an affinity for the presence of tomato upon the canvas of pizza, and I derive immense pleasure from savouring its distinctive essence. Regrettably, this particular pizza appeared to lack an optimal quantum of tomato sauce foundation, thereby failing to meet the exacting standards that the culinary industry upholds in this regard. Notwithstanding this substantial shortcoming, I must confess that the overall gustatory experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The mozzarella, in particular, defies conventional description, evoking an ethereal sojourn through the celestial realms, with its irresistibly luscious and enticing character, truly constituting a divine encounter for the palate. Furthermore, the crust itself exuded a delightful melange of flavours, harmoniously blending with the mild yet delectable mozzarella, bestowing upon me an unexpected sense of satisfaction. The sheer abundance of mozzarella cheese elicited an appreciative astonishment, as numerous establishments within the gastronomic landscape exhibit a lamentable parsimony when it comes to the provision of this exquisite ingredient.

Conclusively, my culinary expedition at Chapelli’s proved to be a superlative experience for my gustatory senses, meriting a commendable rating of 7 out of 10.

Chapelli’s Menu

The below menu is based on Uber Eats, so the menu might have slightly higher prices than going direct to the restaurant and may be missing some items.


Garlic Bread – $12

Wedges – $15

Cheesy Fried Arancini Balls – $18.50

Tomato Bruschetta – $20.50

Nachos (V) – $31

Meatballs (3) – $18.50

Chicken Satay Skewers – $23

Thick Chips – $13.50


Char Grilled Chicken Breast – $40

Chicken Parmigiana – $34

Chilli Tiger Prawns – $40

Fish and Chips – $35

Beef Burger – $34

Grilled Smokey Chicken Burger – $34


Carbonara Pasta – $31

Chicken Pasta – $32

Lasagne – $31

Alla Matriciana Pasta – $32

Gnocchi alla Pomodoro Pasta – $33

Marinara Pasta – $37

Chicken Risotto Pasta (GF) – $34


Margherita Pizza (V) – $27

Capricciosa – $31

Cheese Pizza – $15.50

Tandoori Chicken Pizza – $34

Prawn Pizza – $34

Grilled Veg Pizza – $31

Rosemary and Potato Pizza – $31


Caesar Salad – $26

Salt and Pepper Calamari Salad – $30

Rocket and Parmesan Salad – $13

Chicken and Avocado Salad – $38


Plain Stack – $17.50

Fresh Banana Pancake – $19.50

Strawberry Pancake – $21.50

Cake Slices – $15.50

Homemade Hot Apple Strudel – $15.50

Cold Beverages

Soft Drinks Bottled – $7

Milkshakes – $10

Fruit Juice – $7

Fruit Juice -$8

Hot Beverages

Coffee – $5

Mug a Chocolate – $5.50

Chai Latte – $6



Big Breakfast – $28

Eggs Anyway – $16

Eggs Benedict – $20

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta – $20.50

Toasted Bread – $7.50

Fruit Toast – $7

Toasted Granola -$15

Salmon and Potato Stack -$21


Steak Sandwich – $29

BLT – $15

Egg and Bacon Sandwich – $16.50

Chicken Schnitzel – $20

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