Einstein’s On Albert South Melbourne Menu & Review


Service options: Dine-in & Takeaway
Address: Einstein’s on Albert, 100 Albert Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Whenever I walk down Albert Road in South Melbourne towards Kings Way, I walk past Einstein’s On Albert and admire the clever pun. Get it? like Albert Einstein.

Well, I’ve been very hungry this morning and noticed them having some really good deals for Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Uber Eats.

Einstein’s On Albert – Uber Eats Specials

Oddly, the specials below appear to be only available for delivery on UberEats, since Einstein’s on Albert is only a few blocks away, I was happy to walk down and pick them up, but oddly, they seem to do delivery only, so I had to get it delivered to get the deal below.

I’ve gotta say, that both the Chicken Schnitz and the Ham Cheese Toastie both looked amazing. Given that I’d be getting myself two, I figured the Ham and Cheese Toastie might be easier to reheat later as I can’t eat both at once. However, I think I made the wrong choice.

Ham Cheese Toastie at Einstein’s on Albert

Whilst the sandwich was good, I wouldn’t have said it was $19.99 good. The bread did not look like it had been fried in butter like the picture, the ham appeared to be a different type than what was pictured and the cheese wasn’t completely melted. It wasn’t bad, but it felt like I’d just bought two ten-dollar ham and cheese toasties, rather than buying a twenty-dollar one and getting a second for free. I acknowledge that food is usually a few dollars more expensive on UberEats.

For the price, I’d have preferred to get something a little cheaper from RTB Roastie Toastie Bros which is also nearby.


Pimp your Avo $13.99
Smashed avo with Lemon, salt and pepper


Ham Cheese Toastie Pastrami Cheese Toastie $19.99
Buy 1, get 1 free

BAC $16.99
Double bacon, Avocado, Cheese blend, chilli

Burger and chips $18.99

Buffalo Blue $19.99

The Reuben $18.99

Chicken Schnitz $22.99
Buy 1, get1 free
Chicken Schnitzel, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo

Breakfast Sandwich $17.99
Bacon, egg, relish, and spinach.

Philly Cheesesteak $20.99
150g Flank steak, sauteed capsicum, onion and mushrooms, swiss with garlic aioli


Reuben Salad $15.99
Hot house smoked pastrami, pickles, cheese, sauerkraut,
rocket, spinach, iceberg with a Russian dressing.

Buffalo Blue Salad $17.99
Buffalo chicken, caramelized Onion, rocket, spinach and
iceberg with a chili dressing.

Gym Junkie $18.99
Chicken Breast, Avoccado, Rice&Black Beans,
Corn, Tomato Salsa

Philly Cheesesteak Salad$16.99
150g Flank Steak, Sauteed capsicum, onion and mushroom, rocket,
spinach and lettuce with a garlic aioli

Chicken Schnitz salad $17.99
Chicken Schnitzel, tomato, onion, lettuce, spinach,
rocket with a mustard vinaigrette


Caramel Slice $5.00

Cookie $4.50

Lemon Slice $5.00

Almond Croissant $8.00

Banana bread $6.00

Vegan cocoa, date, coconut & seeds bar $5.99

Vegan meusli bar $5.99

Croissant $6.00

Banana Bread $3.00



Coke $4.00

Karma Organic $4.90

Blood Orange&Bitters $4.80

Lemon lime&Bitters $4.80

Oat Milk $0.50

Naturally Water $4.90

Hot Beverages

Coffee $4.99

Lemongrass Ginger $4.90

Spring Green $4.90

English Breakfast Tea $4.90
Tea Drop

Chai Latte $4.90

Chamomile Blossoms $4.90

Supreme Earl Gray $4.90

Coffee Bean

Whole Coffee Beans-Freshly 1 kg $40.00


Salad Olovieh $18.99

Kashk Bademjan $18.90

Khoresht-e-Ghormeh Sabzi $18.90

Ghormeh Sabzi $18.90

Khorsht-e-Ghaymeh $18.90

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh $19.90


Iranian Smoky Rice $12

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