Wise Guys Pizza N Pasta South Melbourne Menu & Review

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It’s hard to drive down Kings Way without noticing the little shack on the corner of Park Street that houses Wise Guys Pizza N Pasta. It feels like it’s been there forever, yet I’d never tried it.

Now that I’m writing for this site, it seemed like a great excuse to finally check it out and write about it!

The first time I ordered a Large Mafioso and a Large Garlic Flatbread via UberEats. This was far too much food for one person, I can’t recall why I ordered so much food, but I got $5 off my order, so maybe I was trying to hit a minimum spend of $30. This kept me going for several meals across into the next day, plus my partner ate most of the garlic flatbread.

Of these two items, the garlic flatbread stood out as having amazing value and quality. The Mafioso pizza was fine but didn’t stick out in my memory too well. I ordered it knowing I wouldn’t have to share it with anyone, so I went for a pizza with olives and mushrooms as I don’t really get those often. Overall though, I was happy enough with it that I did go back again today.

Something interesting I noticed on the box is that it says “we don’t charge for extras” which had not been the case on Ubereats, but I figured about $1 per extra was very cheap compared to most places anyway.

The second time I had the Donnie Brasco with added bacon, feta and garlic and this time I ordered it through their website. Interestingly when ordering through the website, each extra was also up to $1 each and it only allowed me to add 3 items. Perhaps you have to order over the phone or in-person to get extras added for free or maybe they can’t do that anymore and the boxes need updating. I should have asked when I picked it up.

This pizza though was excellent. The chilli flakes make this pizza quite hot and the added garlic

I like that the pizza base is very thin, which means fewer carbs and more flavour per bite.

Classic Pizza

(Small/medium/Large/medium Gluten Free)

American $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Cheese (Mozza), Herbs, Salami (Spicy), Sliced Tomatoes

Aussie $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Bacon (Smoked), Cheese (Mozza), Egg, Ham (Shredded)

Capricciosa $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Anchovies, Cheese (Mozza), Ham (Shredded), Mushrooms (Button), Olives (Black)

Hawaiian $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Cheese (Mozza), Ham (Shredded), Pineapple

Margherita $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Basil, Cheese (Mozza), Sliced Tomatoes

Mexican $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Chilli, Olives (Black), Onion, Salami (Spicy), Sliced Tomatoes

Mushroom $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Cheese (Mozza), Mushrooms (Button), Sauce (Napoli)

Napolitana $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Anchovies, Cheese (Mozza), Herbs, Olives (Black), Sliced Tomatoes

Vegetarian $13/$15/$17/$19
Ingredients: Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Herbs, Mushrooms (Button), Olives (Black), Onion, Pineapple, Sliced Tomatoes

Wise Guys Pizza

(Small/medium/Large/medium Gluten Free)

Butch’s Meat Treat $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Bacon (Smoked), Cheese (Mozza), Ham (Shredded), Salami (Spicy), Sauce (BBQ)

Capone $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Olives (Black), Pineapple, Salami (Spicy)

Donnie Brasco $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Chilli, Mushrooms (Button), Salami (Spicy)

Forget about it! $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Bacon, Cheese (Mozza), Pepper (Cracked), Sauce (BBQ), Sauce (Napoli)

Mafioso $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Cheese (Mozza), Ham (Shredded), Herbs, Mushrooms (Button), Olives (Black), Salami (Spicy)

The Untouchable $14/$16/$18/$20
Ingredients: Anchovies, Bacon (Smoked), Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Chilli, Egg, Ham (Shredded), Mushrooms (Button), Olives (Black), Onion,
Pepper (Cracked), Pineapple, Salami (Spicy),shrimp

Gourmet Pizza

(Small/medium/Large/medium Gluten Free)

Chicky Babe $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Avocado, Cheese (Mozza), Chicken breast, Herbs, Mushrooms (Button), Sauce (Satay)

El Greco $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Basil, Cheese (Fetta), Cheese (Mozza), Olive Oil, Olives (Black), Sliced Tomatoes

Gangster chicken $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Basil, Cheese (Mozza), Chicken breast, Pineapple, Sauce (BBQ)

Marinara $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Calamari, Cheese (Mozza), Olives (Black), Prawns, Seafood, Sliced Tomatoes

Prosciutto $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Asparagus, Cheese (Fetta), Cheese (Mozza), Herbs, Olives (Black), Prosciutto, Sliced Tomatoes

Smokin’ Salmon $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Capers, Cheese (Mozza), Garlic, Salmon (Smoked), Tomato (Semidried)

Spanakopizza $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Cheese (Mozza), Cheeses (Med mix), Herbs, Spinach

Veggie Patch $17/$18/$19/$20
Ingredients: Capsicum, Cheese (Mozza), Eggplant, Olives (Black), Tomato (Semidried), Zucchini

Flat Breads


Chilli Pizza $8/$9/$10
Ingredients: Jalapeno , olives (Black)

Garlic Pizza $8/$9/$10
Ingredients: Garlic,olive oil,salt(rock)

Herb Pizza $8/$9/$10
Ingredients : Herbs, Olive oil


(Gnocchi/Spaghetti/Serve/Penne/Beef Tortellini/Fettuccini/Ravioli)

Bolognese $15

Calabrese $15
Ingredients: Capsicum, Chilli, Herbs, Olives (Black), Onion, Salami (Spicy), Sauce (Napoli)

Carbonara $15
Ingredients: Bacon (Smoked), Cheese (Parmesan), Mushrooms (Button), Onion, Parsley, Pepper (Cracked), Sauce (Cream & Egg)

Lasagne $15

Marinara $15
Ingredients: Chilli, Garlic, Olive Oil, Parsley, Seafood

Napolitana $15
Ingredients: Cheese (Parmesan), Chilli, Garlic, Parsley, Pepper (Cracked), Sauce (Napoli)

Polo Avocado $15
Ingredients: Avocado, Chicken breast, Mushrooms (Button), Pepper (Cracked), Sauce (Cream), Spring Onions

Polo Funghi $15
Ingredients: Chicken breast, Mushrooms (Button), Pepper (Cracked), Sauce (Cream), Spring Onions

Vegetarian $15
Ingredients: Herbs, Sauce (Napoli), Vegetables


Chicken Alla Parna $20
Crumbed breast of chicken, bacon, mushrooms and
your choice of cream or Napoli sauce. Served with a

Chicken Parmiagiana $19
Crumbed breast of chicken, Ham off the Bone,
Mozzarella cheese and Napoli Sauce. Served with a

Chicken Schnitzel $18
Crispy, pan fried until golden brown. Served with a

Fried Calamari $18
Crumbed and cooked until Golden Brown served with
Tartar Sauce and Fresh lemon. Served with a salad.


Beer Battered Chips $7

Served with Tomato,BBQ or Sweet Chilli Sauce $2

Cream Cheese & Chilli Dip $9

Flaming Wings $8
Spicy crumbed with dipping sauce

Garden Salad $8
Assorted leaves, tomatoes, red & green capsicums, cucumbers and red onions

Garlic Bread $4.50
Fresh baked bread with butter and garlic

Greek Salad $9
Fresh greens, tomatoes, spanish onions, black olives, capsicum and fetta cheese

Smoked Eggplant Dip $2

Tzatziki Dip $2

Warm Chicken Salad $10
Mixed greens, cucumbers, avocado, grilled chicken and cracked black pepper.

Wedges $8
With Cajun spices and served with sour cream.


Cassata $5

Chocolate Mousse $4
Home made Dark chocolate

Gelati – Lemon $7

Gelato – Baci $7

Gelato – Chocolate $7

Gelato – Strawberry $7

Giandiotto $5

Tartufo $5


(600ml bottle/350ml can/1.25l bottle)

Coke Zero $3/$3.50/$5

Coke $3/$3.50/$5

Diet Coke $3/$3.50/$5

Fanta $3/$3.50/$5

Mt Franklin Water $3/$3.50/$5

Sprite $3/$3.50/$5


Cascade Light $5/$20
Available in single or 6 pack. All booze must be
accompanied with a food order – Limit of 1 bottle of
wine or six pack per order – No alcohol can be left
with minors. Proof of age may be required for pickup
or delivery.

Corona $7/$28
Available in single or 6 pack.

Peroni $7/$28
Available in single or 6 pack.

VB $6/$25
Available in single or 6 pack.

Wine-Red $25
Cabernet Sauvignon – Available in 750ml bottle.

Wikee’ White $27

Sav Blanc – Available in 750ml bottle. .

Heineken $7/$28
Available in single or 6 pack.

Jim Beam $7.50/32
Available in single or 6 pack.

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