RTB Cafe & Pizza Bar (Roastie Toastie Bros) South Melbourne Menu & Review

outside of roastie toastie bros rtb south melbourne

RTB (Roastie Toastie Bros) in South Melbourne is a cafe specialising in toasted sandwiches, poke bowls, breakfast and pizza. It also sells wine and cocktails and is on the corner of Palmerston Crescent and Sandilands Street in South Melbourne. It’s very close to my office and I’ve been there a few times with colleagues to eat and have also picked up a takeaway from there as well.

This is a great place for people living or working nearby to grab a drink or a meal, and we really should head there for a beer after work one day.

RTB Swiss Mistress – Roast Beef Sourdough Sandwich

The first time I ordered for pickup, I had the Swiss Mistress and I ordered it for pickup on UberEats, I recall it was ready very quickly.

This was definitely more generous with the fillings than some similar places nearby.

RTB Cheese Me Up – Cheese Toastie with Added Corned Beef

Three Layers of Sourdough Bread – Bottom Layer with Havarti Cheese & Cheddar Cheese and the top Gouda Cheese & American Cheese. I had Corned Beef added. This was also an Uber Eats pickup and was ready very quickly.

Beer Battered Chips

Here I had the beer-battered chips with oregano, salt and parmesan cheese and a Smokey BBQ sauce on the side. It looks like my colleague Peter has the RTB Brekkie with bacon. The shadows to the left suggest we may have also had a sneaky beer.

My most recent visit was with my team on a morning when the elevators were broken and we couldn’t access our floor (fire escapes were locked from the stairwell) so we went there for coffee and food whilst we waited to gain access.

Chickie Pop Bites & Coffee

Since I was just buying food to kill the time, I ordered the Chickie Pop Bites and Coffee. I was slightly surprised they had this available at breakfast time. I’m not a big breakfast food eater, so wanted something more lunch-like. These were nice and so was the coffee!

More Sourdough Sandwiches

My colleagues Jan and Dhara each had The Pine Apple Express and the Cheese Me Up which both looked great.

Whilst we were there I took a few photos of the wine and cocktail bar areas.

Wine at RTB Roastie Toastie Bros

Cocktails at RTB Roastie Toastie Bros


Roastie Toastie on Sourdough

Cheese Me up $11.90

Three Layers of Sourdough Bread – Bottom Layer with Havarti
Cheese & Cheddar Cheese and the top Gouda Cheese &
American Cheese

The Swiss Relish $14.90

Bacon, Two Fried Eggs on a bed of spinach, topped w Swiss
cheese & Tomato Relish

Pineapple Express $14.80
Roasted Chicken, Pineapple, Cheddar & Spinach

Rueben cube $14.90

Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese & with R.T.Bs Secret

Sweet Shroomie Pork $15.90

Roasted Pork, Grilled Mushroom, Caramelised Onion, Gouda
Cheese & Rocket

Swiss Mistress $17.40

Roast Beef, Grilled Peppers, Mushroom & onion topped -w-
Swiss cheese

R.T.Bs Little Lamb $17.40

Roast Lamb, Scalloped Potato -w- Rosemary Salt & Havarti
Cheese on a bed of roquette

Roasted Veggie Delight $15.70

Roasted Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Sundried Tomato, Peppers,
Eggplant, Spinach, Feta & Basil Pesto -w- Feta Cheese

Spicy Chicken & Avo $15.60

Roasted Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Avocado, Chilli & Soft Brie

Pickle me Pork $15.90

Roast Pork, Sautee Spinach, American Cheese, Pickles &

Sweet Mustard Beef $17.40

Roast Beef, Tomato, gouda cheese, Baby Spinach & Sweet
Mustard Pickles

RTB Bowls (Choose your bowl and then choose a protein)

R.T.B Brekkie Bowl $15.50

Chilli Scramble Eggs or Scramble Eggs w Bacon, Roasted Red
Peppers, Baby Spinach and shredded cheddar & a side of
Toasted Sourdough

Garden Bowl $12.00

Rocket & Baby Spinach, Tomato, Carrot, Red onion, Cucumber
& Alfalfa -w- French vinaigrette Dressing

Quinoa Slaw $12.00

Quinoa -w- Shredded White & Red Cabbage, Carrot, Red Onion
& Parsley

Rice my Roasties $13.00

Brown Rice -w- Roasted Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Peppers,
Beetroot & Baby Spinach -w- Balsamic Glaze

The Cous Cous $13.00

Starters (To Share Or Not To Share)

Beer Battered Chips $7.00

Beer Battered Chips $7.00
-w- oregano Salt & Parmesan cheese

Wedges $6.50
Recommended -w- Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli

RTBs Stickie Hickorie Wings $11.90
Six XL wingettes marinated in buttermilk for 24hrs then glazed
in our perfectly balanced & delicious RTB stickie hickorie sauce

LoLo Pulled Pork Sliders $15.90
Three 12hr slow-cooked pulled pork in hickory sauce. severed
on a mini brioche bun topped w crunch slaw

Shredded Chicken Sliders $17.90
Three Shredded Chicken sliders rolled in a creamy hickorie
sauce severed on mini brioche buns topped w crunch slaw

R.T.B Sauce Tub

Tomato $1

R.T.Bs Secret Sauce$1

Aioli $1

Smokey BBQ $1

Siracha $1

American Mustard $1

Sweet Chilli $1

Sour Cream $1

Mayo $1


Cool Ridge Water 600ml $3.95
Cool Ridge Water 600ml

Pepsi 300ml $4.20

Schweppes Signatures Series $4.95

Lipton Peach Iced Tea 500ml $4.95
Lipton Peach Iced Tea 500ml

Schweppes 300ml $4.20

Red Bull 250ml $4.95
Red Bull 250ml

Red Bull (Sugar Free) 250ml $4.95
Red Bull (Sugar Free) 250ml

Pepsi Max 300ml $4.20

Spring Valley Orange Juice 250ml $5.00

Spring Valley Pineapple Juice 250ml $5.00

Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea 500ml $5.95
Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea 500ml

Noahs Juices $6.60
Packed with bright ideas and mountains of fruit, our smoothies
are the perfect creative boosters. Our creative juices also come
in glass bottles with about 30%25 recycled content. Get your
daily dose of vitamins whilst being kinder to the environment

Noah’s Green Smoothie $6.60
Apple, Peach, Kiwi fruit, Mango & Lime juice smoothie

Noahs Blood Red Orange & Plum Smoothie $6.60
Apple, Blood Red Orange & Plum & Acai Smoothie

Noahs Watermelon & Mint Juice Smoothie $6.60
Apple, Watermelon & Mint Juice Smoothie

Noahs Valencia Orange Juice $6.60
2 squeezed Australian Valencia Oranges

Barista Coffee

Latte $4.40

Cappuccino $4.40

Flat White $4.40

Magic (3/4 Latte) 80z (1 shot) $4.40

Piccolo (A mini Latte) 80z (1 shot) $4.40

Single Espresso (1 shot) $4.40

Double Espresso (2 shots) $4.60

Short Black $4.40
(1 shot w one shot of boiling water)

Long Black $4.60
(2 shots w two shots of boiling water)

Short Macchiato $4.40
(1 shot with foamed milk)

Long Macchiato $4.60
(2 shots with foamed milk)

Mocha $4.50

Chai Latte $5.00
(7 spice wet chai)

Hot Chocolate $4.40

Tea $5.00

Iced Coffee $7.80
With ice cream & whipped cream

Iced Chocolate $7.80
With ice cream & whipped cream

Cold Brew $5.00
(only one size 1402), slow dripped cold filtered coffee

Extra Shot $1.60

Something Sweet

Salted Caramel Fudge Slice (GF) $4.40

Nutter Bar Slice (GF) $4.40

Caramel and Roast Peanut Slice (GF) $4.40

Chocolate & Walnut Brownie Slice(GF) $4.40

Zesty Lemon Slice $4.00

Hedgehog Slice $4.00

Cherry Rough Slice $4.00

Yoyos $3.00

Viennese Biscuits $3.50

Organic Grain Bites $3.00

Muffin of the Day $6.00
Our muffin of the day will be one of the following flavours –
Apple Cranberry & Almond, Blueberry, Orange & Poppy Seed,
Pineapple Passion, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Triple Choc


Candles $40
Soy candle made in Melbourne -Coconut Lime $40

Candles $40
Melbourne made soy candle in -Lemongrass Persian lime

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