A Guide to Garage Sizes in Australia

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Generally speaking, Australian garages are usually built in the format of either a single, one-car garage or alternatively, as a double garage space. Regardless, each of these formats is most often built to standard garage dimensions. Despite this, alternative garage layouts do also exist, as these may better suit the needs of the car owner.

Single, One Car Garages

Standard Single Garage Size and Dimensions

Typically, single space garages – which are most often built to house and store only one car or motor vehicle – are usually sized at the standard dimensions of approximately 3.5 metres wide, and 6 metres long. In general terms, as single, one-car spaced garages are usually intended for the use and storage of only one motor vehicle, they are more often than not considered to be some of the smallest garage spaces available on the market. Most often built adjacent to or conjoined with a small residential townhouse or unit, single, one car garages are certainly not appropriate for residents and car owners who would like to park more than one motor vehicle inside a garage space – especially if they require multiple car parking spaces within a protected, undercover garage or carport area.

Standard Single Garage Roller Door Size and Dimensions

For single, one-car garage spaces, standard roller door sizes and dimensions can vary. However, in general terms, they are usually sized at approximately 2.5 metres wide. Importantly, the garage roller door must be sized proportionately to the single space so as not to appear overbearing, but also must be of adequate size to allow any reasonably sized car to comfortably drive into the garage space.

General Single Garage Space Usage

Usually, as single, one-car garage spaces do not offer a considerable about of extra room – particularly when compared to their larger, double-car garage counterparts – they are in general, relatively small, often too small to store anything other than the motor vehicle it has been built to house. Indeed, more often than not, once a motor vehicle has been parked and stored inside a single space, one car garage, there is usually very little room to store anything else. As such, due to the compact nature of single-car garages, they are most likely to be utilised just as they are intended to be used – to safely and securely protect, park and house one car undercover, out of the elements, and off the street.

Double Garages

Standard Double Garage Size and Dimensions

Unlike single-car garages, double garages are considerably less compact in size and dimensions. Built to house and store at least two motor vehicles, double garages are well, quite literally, almost double the size of one-car garage spaces! Usually sized within standard dimensions of 6 metres wide and 6 metres long, double garages are best suited to residents who own more than one car, otherwise, it is quite literally a waste of precious parking space! Importantly, double garages are more often than not, built adjoining to larger residential homes or townhouses – essentially, residences housing more than one person, hence, more than one car to store!

Standard Double Garage Roller Door Size and Dimensions

Unsurprisingly, as double garage spaces are almost double the size of single-car garages, it makes complete sense that the dimensions of double garage roller doors would also be larger than that of a roller door for a single, one-car garage. Generally speaking, the standard size of a roller door for a double garage is built to be approximately 5 metres wide. This is to ensure that two cars can comfortably drive into the space, one at a time, even when the first car is already parked inside.

General Double Garage Space Usage

Truth be told, while double garages are essentially built for the purpose of housing, storing and parking more than one car inside them, they are, more often than not, also used for storage of miscellaneous items such as junk, collectables or even discarded furniture. Often guilty of becoming a graveyard for odd bits and pieces, double garages can be notoriously messy, with random objects stuffed into various nooks and crannies – wherever they can fit around the vehicles housed inside the space. Funnily enough, the storage situation can become so dire that one of the resident’s cars is required to park on the street, to allow for more storage of miscellaneous junk objects instead.

Garage Spaces with Alternative Layouts

Needless to say, not all garage spaces are built to standard dimensions. They may be built in an odd shape to fit a specific area, or even constructed to incorporate a workbench, or, more storage! The possibilities of alternative garage layouts are endless, and garage owners do not need to be limited to standard garage sizes and dimensions if they do not suit their exact car storage needs.

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