What are Bay Windows and How Do You Decorate Them?


Most often situated within a recessed enclave built into the interior wall of a structure, bay windows offer a distinctive, stylish and visually pleasing glassed opening through which the natural rays of warm and glowing sunlight can easily stream into an otherwise potentially dark, gloomy and dreary space. Indeed, the glass window panes that make up a bay window are, usually, significantly larger than those built into a regular window – and as such, often result in the interior of a bay-windowed property being blessed with a much brighter glow than it usually would.

However, the beauty of big, generously-sized bay windows also presents somewhat of a challenge: needless to say, a bay window’s decidedly larger (and also, generally speaking, curve-shaped) window panes require an interior decorator or home staging designer (or even just a proud homemaker) to consider, locate and procure significantly larger and perhaps also more oddly shaped curtains, blinds, and other window dressings than usually needed. But how best to tastefully style and decorate your bay windows, to ensure that they remain just as aesthetic in appearance as intended when they were originally designed and built? Well, just read on to learn some fabulous styling tips and tricks, to help you take on and tackle the admittedly tricky task of decorating your bay windows.

How to Choose Curtains for Bay Windows

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Architecturally speaking, as well as being considerably bigger than most regular window frames, bay windows are, in general, more oddly shaped as well. Often curved or irregular in shape, so it goes that finding and hanging curtains on this particular type of window frame can be especially challenging. But, never fear! There is a solution to every bay window challenge.

The best way to choose the appropriate curtains to dress your bay windows is, of course, to firstly measure and size up your bay window frames. Next, ensure that the style you have chosen is appropriate for your specific window shape and style. Importantly, there are several different ways you can hang curtains on a bay window frame. The most popular and perhaps most well-known bay window curtain hanging method is achieved by employing a Roman Blind style. Alternatively, you can choose to hang a separate curtain across each separate window frame. Another popular method is to hang curtain material across the front of the entire bay window using a thin wire rail which lines the whole bay window pain.

The Best Blinds for Bay Windows

If fabric curtains are not your preferred style, you can also choose to dress your bay windows with blinds or shutters. For instance, you can line your bay windows with traditional Venetian blinds that cover the entire collection of window panes that make up your bay window frame. Alternatively, you could install cafe-style shutters which line just a portion of the bay window recess. For example, the placement of your window shutters could be isolated to cover only the bottom half of the window pane, allowing natural light to enter the top half of the bay windows. If that is not your preference, however, you can also choose to install solid shutters which completely shut out any unwanted light or noise from the outside world. Instead, you may want to treat each window as own statement piece, by installing separate panels of shutters in each window.

Other Visually Aesthetic Bay Window Dressings Elements to Consider

Of course, the key to dressing a bay window is not only in ensuring that the curtains, blinds or shutters are perfectly sized and structurally sound. You will also need to consider other visual elements to ensure that your bay windows are dressed in the most aesthetically pleasing manner possible. Firstly, you will need to select your curtain colour scheme. Consider what type of room your bay window frame is situated within. Is it a kitchen? A bathroom? A lounge area or a bedroom, even?

Identifying the room type and the atmosphere you want to create within that space is important when considering the aesthetics of your window dressings. For example, if decorating a bay window located in a lounge area, you may wish to consider choosing relaxing, soothing colours that create a sense of peace within that inner sanctuary. Opt for lush greens, or perhaps a neutral palette including shades such as cream, light grey or off-white. If decorating a bedroom, you may want your window dressings to have a more unique, personal style. A patterned curtain or blind is a good choice here. Alternatively, for a bathroom, you may want to choose bright colours and floral patterns to create visual interest.

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