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Halloween seems to get bigger every year. Trick or Treat and dressing up seem to be more common which means the kids will need a costume. In the USA, Halloween costumes can be any costume you like from princesses, to politicians to book characters and money if no limit. Our list focusses a little more on the traditional scary type costumes that won’t cost you too much money or time, with some great tips for parents. Costume ideas for Halloween can be as simple as getting a few things from around the house and gathering a few craft supplies. Here are our 17 bright ideas for Halloween costume ideas that are quick, easy and simple. Why not post a picture of your Halloween costume on our Facebook page to show us your ideas?

1. A Mummy

Portrait of smiling little mummy boy wrapped up into bandages holding candy bucket for trick-or-treating in living room with Halloween decorations

You can use an old white sheet (that you are happy to cut up) or plenty of white crepe paper. Cut it into long strips then simply wrap them around your child. Be careful that they are not too tight to cause any breathing restriction or tripping hazard. Alternatively, you could glue (or sew) them to a white t-shirt so they are more secure. As a really cheap, last minute Halloween costume option, just use toilet paper. Team up with white clothing and shoes.

2. A Big Black Spider

a child girl prepares to celebrate halloween in witch costume

Buy two pairs of cheap black pantyhose. Stuff all the legs with news paper. Attach a pair of the stuffed pantyhose to the left and right sides of a black t-shirt. Wear black pants and shoes. Use some red paper to add a red stripe to the back of your t-shirt to give it an Aussie touch.

3. A Walking Skeleton

boy in halloween skeleton costume

All you need to make this Halloween costume black clothing, white masking tape and the ability to copy a skeleton picture. Why not use this one from Wikipedia to copy onto your clothing. Just make sure your tape will stick well to clothing before you begin.

4. A Scary Ghost

Ghost costume for Halloween party

This is the most basic of Halloween costumes but it is effective and easy. Just take an old bed sheet and cut it to size so that when it sits on your child the hem is above their shoes (so they can walk). Cut out two circles for eyes. Paint the edge of the eye wholes black for a more finished look. You can even cut out some arm holes so it is easier to hold a candy basket.

5. A Princess from the Dead

a little girl dressed like princess from the death standing on the street

A little girl in princess from the death costume via Pinterest

This is a good option for an girl. Find a pretty dress (but not good) and give it a few cuts and rips. Ripped stockings are also great for this costume. Put on a tiara and mess up the hair. Get your smokey eye shadow and give your princess dark eyes. A little red paint on the clothes can also be added for a more dramatic effect.

6. A Vampire

a woman dressed in a vampire costume holding a toy

You really need to start with a pair of fangs. You can buy these everywhere at this time of year, including Woolworths and Coles and they aren’t that expensive. Find a black towel or sheet for a vampire cape and use some black eye liner to create a V hair line then slick back hair with lots and lots of gel. Add a touch of lipstick in the corner of the mouth as a hint of blood.

7. A Werewolf

a little boy in werewolf costume

A little boy in werewolf costume via Pinterest by Brea P

This Halloween costume is all about hair. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is get lots of cotton balls (or sheets if you can find them) and stretch them out to get fine hairs. Then all you need to do is stick them to a swimming cap or beanie, gloves and a garbage bag (with holes cut out for head and arms to get through). Get some brown spray paint and colour all the cotton wool brown. You could even buy some cheap fake nails and add them to the gloves and use some vampire fangs to get a werewolf effect all over.

8. Frankenstein

child wearing Frankenstein mask

You’ll need a box or ice cream container that you can cut the front out of to make a helmet. This will then need to be painted green and some black hair with a blunt fringe. Add some small bottle tops or jar lids to create bolts on each side of the helmet near the position of the neck. Get out your smokey eye shadow and put plenty under the eyes. Wear a black jacket and pants and big, heavy shoes.

9. A Naughty Devil

little girl in halloween costume of devil

You can either buy some cheap devils horns or make your own with a head band and some red cardboard. Get yourself a stick or a wooden spoon and then, with the red cardboard, cut out some prongs and add to the top of the spoon. Team up with a red and black clothes.

10. A Wicked Witch

Vertical full length portrait of smiling teenage girl dressed as witch posing outdoors and holding Halloween bucket

To make a witch’s nose, get a small piece of green cardboard and make a cone, then paint a black dot near the end. Punch holes on two sides at the top of the cone and string through some ribbon so when you place the cone over your nose, you can tie it up at the back of your head. Put a few extra holes at the bottom to help with breathing. To make the witch’s hat, take a large piece of black cardboard and make another cone and a donut shape to construct the brim of the hat. If you have some black fabric, wear a black cape. Don’t forget to make a broom stick by rolling up several pieces of cardboard together and then cutting in lots of strips to half way up the roll to make the broom. Attach it to a long stick for a broom handle.

11. A Pumpkin

girl in halloween carnival pumpkin costume

This costume is a little more involved than the others. You will need about 3 – 4 metres of orange crepe paper. Measure under your child’s arms then lay the crepe paper flat on the floor then ruffle it together so the length now fit that measurement. Secure the top edge of the paper by either sewing it together or by simply using a line of strong masking tape. Then secure the bottom edge in the same way. Make a cone, out of what you have just made, around your child. You can attach some shoulder straps or pin to a t-shirt. Push up the bottom edge so the crepe paper puffs out like a pumpkin and then use some tissue paper to fill in the space between your child and the puff. Tape the costume together at the seam to secure the outfit.

12. A Zombie

a little girl in a zombie costume

This is an excellent last minute Halloween costume option. Get some old clothes and use some scissors to cut some holes and fray the edges. A Stanley knife is also helpful here. Then add some dirt and splatter some red paint for a blood effect. Get out the smokey eye shadow and mess up the hair and you’re done. Don’t forget to roll back the eyes and arms out.

13. Ghost Busters

little boy in ghostbusters costume

A little boy in ghostbuster costume via Pinterest by Costume Works

If your kids remember this movie, this is a good costume if your not into spooky stuff. All you will need is a brown pants and jacket, a back pack and a super soaker. Print out a Ghost Busters logo, or get your child to draw it for something more personal.

14. A Haunted House

haunted house costume from Pinterest

A little boy in a haunted house costume made with carton box via Pinterest

If you have to make a last minute costume because your son or daughter was just invited to a Halloween dress-up party in 10 minutes, this one is great. All you need is a big box and some coloured pens. The box should fit over your child’s head and shoulders. Grab some extra cardboard (from the side you are not using) and make a pitched roof. Cut out windows and doors then decorate with spooky spiders, cobwebs, witches brooms and bats. The more detail you add, the better your haunted house will be.

15. A Spooky Bat

a little boy in spooky bat costume

A little boy in a spooky bat costume via Pinterest

Start with black clothing and slicked back hair. Then simply make a pair of bat wings from black cardboard or crepe paper and attach them to your child’s arms. Simple!

16. A Creepy Coffin

Two people dressed in creepy coffin costumes

Two people dressed in creepy coffin costume via Pinterest by Karol Schrepferman

You will need a very large box to start with (or stick together two or three boxes) to make the shape of a coffin that your child can fit into. Paint it brown and add a few creepy details like a RIP on the back. Then attach it to a back pack and cut out enough room at the bottom of the box for legs to move. Wear white clothing and paint face white it looks like someone dead is inside. Too creepy?

17. A Crazy Clown

girl dressed as a clown

If you already have a clown costume, you can start with that, otherwise but put on colourful baggy clothing. Buy some cellophane in a couple of different colours. Make fan shapes out of each of them to use as a clown collar. If you don’t have a funny coloured wig, buy some spray hair colour (I’ve purchased them from a pharmacy before) and colour your child’s hair. Then use your make-up kit, or face paint to put on crazy clown face with dark eyes and a spooky smile.

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