How Much is The Average Water Bill in Melbourne?

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Melbourne, Australia is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, but what exactly is the cost of living there? If you’re considering a move to Melbourne or planning to get your own space you’re probably wondering about water costs. Depending on your location, water habits and household size bills can vary greatly. This article will outline some of the factors so you are best informed on water bills in Melbourne.

The Average Quarterly Bill in Melbourne

If we compare the average monthly water bill throughout all Melbournians then it is roughly $259 per quarter or about $63 monthly. These costs go towards not only the water we drink but the sewerage systems and water treatment plants. Just don’t be surprised if your average water bill is higher or lower than this estimated average, as there are numerous other factors at play.

Variation Depending on the Size of Your Household

The size of your household plays a role in how much water you use. The bigger the size, the more water they use in general since each individual will have habits such as showering and doing laundry daily. Let’s look at the average variation per household size.

One-Person Households

Average water usage for a one-person household is around 340 litres or less per day, with the vast majority of this going towards showers and laundry. The average monthly water bill in Melbourne would be roughly $50, but depending on your particular city or town it could be significantly more or less.

Two-Person Households

For two-person households, the average daily water usage in households is around 567 gallons of water per day. The average monthly water bill in Melbourne for a two-person household can range anywhere from $65 to $75 depending on the size of your home and its plumbing system.

Three or More Person Households

In larger households, such as three or more people, the average water usage is around 757 gallons of water per day. The monthly water bill for this type of household in Melbourne can range from $75 to $100 depending on the size and plumbing system of your home.

How Often is Water Billed in Melbourne?

Water bills in Melbourne are issued on a quarterly basis, so the average household can expect to receive four bills per year. Although this is certainly less frequent than in other cities in Australia, it’s still important to keep up with your payments and budget accordingly.

Can I get Extensions on Water Bills?

Yes, extensions are allowed on water bills in Melbourne. It’s important to note however, that requests must be made prior to the due date on your average water bill and that any extensions granted will come with a late payment fee. This means it’s best to pay in full or make arrangements for payment prior to your due date if possible.

Do I Pay Water Bills if I’m Renting?

Yes, even if you’re renting in Melbourne you will still be responsible for paying your water bills. In some cases, landlords may include the cost of utilities in their rental agreement or negotiate a flat rate for tenants to pay each month, but it’s ultimately up to both parties involved to decide how the renters manage their water bills in Melbourne.

How to Save Money on Your Water Bills

If your average water bill is too high then the first thing you should focus on is using less water, very simple I know. But you’d be surprised how much of a difference you can make with some steps These include things like shorter showers and washing full loads of laundry in one go to significantly reduce your water consumption. If you also have a lawn, it’s worth considering opting for an automated irrigation system to minimize over-watering, as excess watering can result in higher water bills and wasted water. These are some effective ways to save on your water bills.

Do flushing toilets increase water bills?

Yes, flushing toilets will increase water bills drastically in Australia. Toilets are the largest user of water in most households and can cause your water bill to skyrocket if you’re not careful with usage. The best way to save money on toilet use is to only flush when necessary and utilize low-flow options whenever possible.

Discounts and Rebates Available in Melbourne

If you’re looking to conserve water for environmental reasons it’s good to know that there are plenty of financial advantages to doing so as well. Many water providers offer discounts and rebates for customers that use less than a certain amount every month. These incentives can be ideal for those who make conscious efforts to conserve water, as they help to defray the costs of a lifestyle concerned with environmental responsibility.

Save Money and the Environment

With the world moving toward greener initiatives it’s important to start focusing on getting into better habits now and what’s great is you can save money too. It is remarkable how many litres we actually use every day so there is plenty of room for improvement. The savings can add up over time and help reinforce those who are actively working towards reducing their water consumption each month, so look into your options.

Because we live in an increasing population the importance of conservation and environmental consciousness is only going to increase. We have so many businesses and industries using large amounts of water as well as individuals so it’s important to start now for our future.

Overall Summary

We should all strive to use as little water as possible in order to reduce our average monthly water bills and lessen the impact on the environment. Using less water is also beneficial in terms of rebates and discounts that are available for those who conserve it responsibly.

With careful planning and small changes in your habits, you can make a big difference when it comes to conserving water and reducing your monthly water bill. Ultimately, by doing these things we can help ensure that the planet is taken care of while also saving some money along the way. So let’s commit today to be more mindful of our water usage.

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