High-End Look On A Low-End Budget

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Humankind has been plagued by tricky questions since history began. What is the meaning of life? How do we leave the world in a better place than we inherited it? Why is there something instead of nothing? How do you make a home look high-end with a low-end budget?

Now, we aren’t in a position to answer all of these because, well, we aren’t anything as wise as Socrates or Plato. However, we can help answer the biggest and most crucial of them all and that is the latter: how can one make their home look more elegant despite limited funds?

So, without further ado, here are some of the simplest – and cheapest – ways you can add a touch of sophistication and class to your home, the kind that will see jaws drop any time a guest pops round for coffee or whatever.

Wear The Crown

If life is in the details then adding some crown mouldings to your home is a surefire way to subtly lift your space from so-so to utterly high-end. It is a way of making a room look that much more finished, adding that little hint of elegance you always find in stately homes and colonial houses. The real kicker is how affordable they are (especially the foam or plastic ones – and who is going to know if they are plastic or not?).

Plump Up The Pillows

Those that think pillows have the sole purpose of adding a new layer of comfort to a house are missing a trick because, when you use them effectively, they can become the secret weapon in your living room. They can take your worn sofas and make them look elegant beyond belief. The trick is getting the color right and opting for ones that are plump and oversized – nothing less than 24inches.

Windows That Wow

A room is almost entirely depicted by the treatment you give to the windows. We’re not talking about replacing the frames or cleaning them every other week; we’re talking about the drapes and blinds you choose. If you are opting for drapes, then make sure they are thick and make sure they puddle on the floor. If you would prefer blinds, then a) ensure they are not cheap and flimsy, b) make sure they are not see-through and c) go with a nice material, whether that be silk or woven bamboo. It is astonishing how much impact this will have.

Matching Furniture

This who mixing of furniture styles is a very contemporary thing, which can still be elegant if done right. However, it is much easier to get a sophisticated look by sticking to matching sets. This is especially true for furniture bedroom sets, which can be bought for discount prices if you know where to shop. As for your living room, go for furniture that is either dark wood or upholstered in either a neutral or royal colour.

Light It Up Right

For sake of argument, let’s call them designer light fixtures, which are those light fixtures that step away from the norm. Unusual chandeliers, spotlights that focus on your art, large lampshades and uplighting. All of these are DIY projects that will add value to your home, all of them can be bought at an affordable price and all of them will add a sense of elegance to your home. It’s a royal flush, really.

Lilly Thomas

Lilly Thomas

Amateur wedding planner and a full-time good-time, Lilly Thomas loves to bring her bubbly, bright personality to everything she does, especially writing! Always looking to try new things and sample what life has to offer, Lilly runs a DIY glass-blowing class when she's not busy making that bank!

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