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Winter is in full swing, and if you do not have a reliable home heating system in place in your home, chances are you’re really feeling the cold. If you are looking for a new home heating system, or perhaps considering getting a new one next winter, you may want to consider a boiler system.

Oil central heating boilers offer a range of distinct advantages over traditional heaters. Here are a few advantages and an overview of how a boiler system works.

How a Boiler System Works

Boiler systems work by heating and distributing water throughout the house, via pipe network that is installed in the subfloor or walls of each room in your home. Sometimes, the system may include terminal units, such as baseboard heaters or iron radiators.

As hot water flows through the system’s pipes, the heat from it will radiate into your rooms, warming them up. This is why boiler systems are referred to as a form of radiant heating.

The Benefits of Boiler Heating

Overall, boiler systems can address many problems that forced air heating systems battle to deal with. For instance, forced air systems tend to lose a great deal of energy to duct leaks with time.

Boiler systems do not use ducts, which means they don’t even have to deal with energy loses from the ducts.

What’s more, water tends to be a far better thermal medium compared to air, rendering boilers a lot more energy efficient that their forced air cousins.

Another benefit of having a boiler system in your home is that it can heat a room far more evenly than a forced air heater. As you know, hot air rises to the top of your rooms and once it cools, it sinks, creating many hot and cold spots throughout a room that is heated with a forced air system.

But, boiler systems can heat your home’s rooms by transferring thermal energy directly and keeping the heat close to the ground, exactly where it is needed.

There’s Longevity, Too

Boilers tend to have far less moving parts compared to other heating systems. This means that there are less ways for things to break down, and that is why boilers are considered the sturdiest heating systems on the market. A well-looked-after boiler can last as long as 20 years, which is decades longer than a heat or furnace pump. So, a boiler certainly offers many years of return on your initial investment.

Radiant Heat

Finally, boilers heat up a home through a method that is known as hydronic radiant heating. Essentially, they pump hot water through the network of pipes, and as water flows through the pipes, the heat radiates up through them, through your floor or walls, heating the room evenly.

If you’re in need of a new heating system this winter, it’s time to consider an oil boilers.

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