Spring Veggie Gardening: What To Plant In Melbourne

Spring veggie

As spring arrives in Melbourne, it’s time to put on your gardening gloves and prepare your veggie garden for the season. Spring is the perfect time to plant a variety of vegetables that will not only bring colour to your garden but also provide you with fresh, delicious produce. Here’s a guide to the best vegetables to plant in your Melbourne garden this spring, along with some tips for growing them.

Tomatoes – The Garden Superstar

heaps of red tomatoes are piled up in a basket.

Who doesn’t love a juicy, homegrown tomato? Tomatoes are a popular choice for spring planting in Melbourne due to their versatility and relatively easy cultivation. Start by planting seedlings or seeds in a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Don’t forget to give them a strong support system, like stakes or cages – because let’s face it, we could all use a little support in our lives!

Tips for growing tomatoes:

Tomatoes are thirsty plants, so make sure to water them consistently, especially during hot weather. Just remember, nobody likes soggy roots – moderation is key!

Lettuce – Keep it Cool and Crunchy

lettuce placed on a white background.

Lettuce is another excellent choice for your spring veggie garden. With a wide range of varieties to choose from, you’ll have a smorgasbord of leafy greens for all your salad needs. Plant lettuce seeds or seedlings in a cooler, partially shaded area of your garden to prevent them from bolting – because nobody wants lettuce that tastes like it’s running a marathon.

Tips for growing lettuce:

Harvest your lettuce leaves when they’re young and tender for the best flavour. After all, age may bring wisdom, but not necessarily tastier lettuce!

Carrots – A Root Veggie Classic

a bunch of vegetables including carrot, tomato, onion, potato, and zucchini held in one person's hands.

Carrots are a must-have for any spring garden, providing a sweet and crunchy addition to your meals. Plant carrot seeds directly into loose, well-draining soil, and remember that they’re not fans of being transplanted – they like to set their roots down and stay put.

Tips for growing carrots:

Be patient when growing carrots, as they can take a while to mature. They may be a classic, but they’re not fast movers!

Spinach – A Green Powerhouse

spinach growing in a farm.

Popeye wasn’t kidding when he praised spinach for its health benefits. This nutrient-packed leafy green is a fantastic addition to your spring garden. Plant spinach seeds or seedlings in a cooler, partially shaded spot to avoid bolting.

Tips for growing spinach:

Harvest spinach leaves regularly to promote new growth and prevent the plant from becoming too crowded. Just think of it as spinach’s version of spring cleaning!

Beans – The Magical Fruit

green beans in a basket on top of a wooden cutting board.

Beans are a productive and easy-to-grow option for your spring garden. Choose from bush beans, which grow compactly, or climbing beans, which require a trellis or support system. Plant seeds directly into well-draining soil in a sunny location, and watch them shoot up like Jack’s beanstalk – but without the giant!

Tips for growing beans:

Beans fix nitrogen in the soil, making them a great companion plant for other veggies that crave nitrogen, like corn. They’re the best buddies your garden could ask for!

Radishes – A Peppery Punch

radishes on display at a market.

Radishes are a quick-growing and low-maintenance addition to your spring garden. Plant seeds directly into the soil and enjoy their peppery punch in salads, sandwiches, or even as a snack on their own. Just be prepared for a little zing!

Tips for growing radishes:

Don’t let radishes become too large, as they can become woody and lose their flavour. Harvest them when they’re young and sassy – just like their taste!

Zucchini –  The Versatile Veggie

one zucchini on top of another one on a white background.

Zucchini is a fantastic spring veggie for your Melbourne garden, offering versatility in the kitchen and an impressive harvest. Plant zucchini seeds or seedlings in a partially sunny location with well-draining soil, giving them plenty of space to spread out and strut their stuff.

Tips for growing zucchini:

Keep an eye on your zucchini plants, as they can grow rapidly and seemingly overnight. Don’t be surprised if you find a zucchini the size of a baseball bat hiding under the leaves – but remember, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to taste!

Peas – Sweet Little Gems

green peas on a black background.

Peas are a delightful addition to your spring garden, providing sweet, tender morsels that can be eaten straight off the vine or used in various dishes. Plant pea seeds in a sunny location with well-draining soil and provide a trellis or support system for climbing varieties.

Tips for growing peas:

Harvest peas when they’re young and tender for the sweetest flavour. If you wait too long, you might end up with peas that taste more like starchy marbles than sweet gems!

Spring Onions – A Flavorful Addition

a wicker basket filled with green onions.

Spring onions, also known as scallions, are an aromatic and flavorful addition to your spring garden. Plant seeds or seedlings in well-draining soil, and give them a sunny spot to bask in. Spring onions are like the life of the garden party – they’re happy to mingle with other veggies and add a zesty touch to any dish.

Tips for growing spring onions:

Harvest spring onions when they’re young and slender for the best flavour. You can even use the green tops as a garnish or in recipes calling for chives.

Beetroot – A Colourful Underground Surprise

beetroots growing in a garden.

Beetroot is a fantastic root vegetable to plant in your spring garden, adding a pop of colour and earthy sweetness to your meals. Plant seeds directly into well-draining soil and enjoy the anticipation of what’s happening beneath the surface.

Tips for growing beetroot:

Harvest beetroot when they’re about the size of a golf ball for the best flavour and tenderness. Larger beets can be a little tough, and let’s face it – nobody wants to chew on a beetroot-flavoured golf ball!

Melbourne’s spring season offers a wonderful opportunity to fill your garden with an array of tasty, colourful, and nutritious vegetables. Follow these tips and tricks for a bountiful harvest. After all, a garden should be a place of joy, and growth. Happy planting!

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