How Common Is Plastic Surgery in Australia?

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When it comes to plastic surgery in Australia, this is without a doubt a practice that is becoming increasingly common, mainstream and accessible. Indeed, plastic surgery was originally a concept that only the rich and famous could dream about! However, it must be said, now that the practice is becoming more accepted – and indeed, affordable – for the general population, plastic surgery is also becoming increasingly commonplace. 

Regardless of whether this is a good or bad thing, the truth is that plastic surgery is now more simple to seek out, access and undergo than ever before. Of course, the most important thing to do before undergoing any type of plastic surgery is to do your research! So, if you’re looking to get plastic surgery in Australia, just read on for our tips, advice, and answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject. 

Plastic Surgery in Australia: How it Came to Be Mainstream

We begin this article by asking – how common is plastic surgery in Australia? As mentioned earlier, in our increasingly appearance-driven day and age, plastic surgery in Australia is now more common than ever! Plastic surgery in this country has become decidedly mainstream – with people from all walks of life turning to cosmetic enhancement to solve their appearance woes. Indeed, plastic surgery is now even more common in Australia than in the United States – with over 500,000 Australians taking to the plastic surgeon’s table just this past year! But how old do you need to be in Australia to access plastic surgery? Just keep reading to find out.

What Age Can You Get Plastic Surgery in Australia? 

Interestingly, the concept of plastic surgery has now also begun to attract the attention of our younger generations. Of course, the growing appeal of plastic surgery to Australian youth can be attributed in part to the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok – where a young person’s appearance is glaringly on display for the whole world to see! Further to this, viral trends such as the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ promote a certain look or appearance that may not be naturally attainable for some young people. Fortunately, however, pre-teens and young children are prohibited from undergoing plastic surgery in Australia. You must be at least 18 years old to undergo a plastic surgery procedure here. 

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Australia?

So, how much is plastic surgery in Australia? Is plastic surgery cheaper in Australia, or is it worth travelling internationally to have procedures done offshore? Of course, this depends on what type of procedure you’re having! Rhinoplasty, for example, will come at a different price than breast augmentation. Similarly, facial reconstruction surgeries will be charged differently to liposuction, for instance. 

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Australia 

For many plastic surgery patients, a common area of concern is the size and shape of their nose! Nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty, varies in price depending on the surgeon you are choosing. So, how much does nose plastic surgery cost in Australia? Some surgeons start their Rhinoplasty charges at approximately $8,000. However, this can range up to the $20,000 mark. Of course, as with any service, you get what you pay for! It may not necessarily be your best option to go for the cheapest surgeon you find. Of course, doing your research is essential!

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Australia 

Just like for rhinoplasty patients, it is also vital for individuals considering breast augmentation to thoroughly research the surgeon they are going to go with. With breast implant surgeons in Australia being virtually a dime a dozen, it pays to look into who you are choosing to operate on you! Of course, while the pricier end of breast augmentation surgery can ask for up to $15,000 to $20,000, you can get what is notoriously referred to as a ‘boob job’ for as little as $5,000 to $6,000. It is crucial to note here, however, that there has been a recent rise in the occurrence of illnesses caused by breast implants. As such, it makes sense to go with the best and to ensure that your surgeon will be present to deliver your aftercare treatment process. This is infinitely more important than getting the cheapest price for your procedure. 

Cost of Facial Reconstruction and Face Lifts in Australia

For patients undergoing facial reconstruction surgery, there are many options to choose from. The most common or best-known of these procedures is, however, the facelift. Often undertaken by older patients with more ‘mature’ skin, a facelift can help reduce the appearance of ageing by removing sagging skin from the face. On the more expensive end of plastic surgery procedures in Australia, a facelift in this country can cost up to $20,000 to $30,000. This price is certainly nothing to sneeze at, however, the results are dramatic and can cause a significant improvement in the look of the patient’s face. 

Cost of Liposuction in Australia 

On the slightly lower end of plastic surgery procedures in terms of price, liposuction is also relatively less invasive than some other procedures. Importantly, as fat from different areas of the body can be essentially ‘spot-reduced’ using liposuction, prices will vary depending on which part of the body is treated. Popular areas include the under-arm, at approximately $4,000, or the upper legs and thighs, which are charged at roughly the same price. Full-body liposuction, on the other hand, can attract a price point of up to $10,000.

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If you are considering plastic surgery in Australia, rest assured that you are not alone! Plastic surgery procedures in this country have become exceedingly common, with many of us considering one type of procedure or another at any one time. The best news is, with the practice becoming ever more mainstream, so too is it becoming more affordable. This means that if you are leaning towards plastic surgery, you won’t be as much out of pocket for your procedure as you may have once been in the past.

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