Summer Veggie Gardening: What To Plant In Melbourne

Summer veggie

Get ready to embrace a glorious summer in Melbourne with a bountiful and diverse veggie garden. Whether you’re a gardening guru or a novice, these popular summer vegetables in Melbourne will have you harvesting a colourful and delicious array of produce throughout the season. Let’s explore some of the best summer vegetables to plant in Melbourne, with tips and tricks for growing success.

Basil: The Aromatic Herb

basil in a pot on a window sill.

Basil is a summer garden favourite, bringing its fragrant aroma and delightful flavour to any dish. Plant your basil seeds after the last frost, and provide them with a sunny spot. Remember to pinch off the flower buds to encourage bushier growth and to prolong the life of your basil plants.

Beans: The Protein Powerhouses

two bowls of white beans on a wooden table.

Beans are not only delicious but also an excellent source of plant-based protein. Sow your bean seeds directly into the soil, and ensure they have a support structure to climb. Keep the soil consistently moist, and you’ll be enjoying fresh, homegrown beans in no time.

Beetroot: The Vibrant Veggie

beetroots growing in a garden.

Beetroot’s vibrant colour and earthy taste make it a fantastic addition to your summer garden. Sow beetroot seeds directly into the soil and thin them out as beetroot grows. Keep the soil consistently moist, and in around 8-10 weeks, you’ll have beautiful, tender beets to harvest.

Bok Choy: The Crunchy Asian Delight

a close up of bok choy on a grey surface.

Bok choy is a versatile and delicious Asian vegetable that’s perfect for summer stir-fries and salads. Plant your seeds in a sunny spot, and keep the soil evenly moist. Harvest the leaves as they grow, or wait until the entire plant is ready to enjoy.

Capsicum: The Colourful Crunch

red and yellow capsicums growing in a garden.

Capsicums, or bell peppers, bring a delightful crunch and vibrant colours to your summer garden. Plant your seedlings in a sunny spot, and keep the soil consistently moist. As the fruits mature, they’ll become sweeter, adding a burst of flavour to your dishes.

Cucumber: The Cool, Crisp Treat

Fresh cucumbers in a basket on a black surface.
Fresh cucumbers in a basket. On a black background. High quality photo

Cucumbers are the ultimate summer veggie, providing a cool, crisp addition to your salads and sandwiches. Plant cucumber seeds or seedlings in a sunny location, and give them plenty of space to sprawl or a trellis to climb. Keep the soil consistently moist, and you’ll be enjoying fresh cucumbers all summer long.

Tomato: The Juicy Red Delight

heaps of red tomatoes are piled up in a basket.

Tomatoes are a summer garden staple, offering a wide range of flavours and sizes. Start your seeds indoors in early spring, and transplant them outside once there’s no risk of frost. Provide them with a sunny spot, and you’ll be rewarded with juicy, flavoursome tomatoes all season long.

Zucchini: The Prolific Producer

one zucchini on top of another one on a white background.

Zucchinis are known for their abundant harvests, making them an excellent choice for your summer veggie garden. Sow zucchini seeds directly into the garden once the soil has warmed up, and watch them grow. Harvest them young and tender for the best flavour, and enjoy the fruits of your labour all season long.

Eggplant: The Purple Powerhouse

purple eggplants growing on a plant with green leaves.

Eggplants are not only beautiful with their glossy purple skins but also versatile in the kitchen. Start your eggplant seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings into your garden once the temperatures are consistently warm. Provide your eggplants with a sunny spot, and keep the soil moist. Harvest them when they’re shiny and firm for the best flavour and texture.

Sweet Corn: The Summer Classic

a smily woman holding a bunch of sweet corns.

Sweet corn is a summer classic vegetable, perfect for grilling, boiling, or enjoying straight off the cob. Sow sweet corn seeds directly into the soil, and plant them in blocks rather than rows to ensure proper pollination. Keep the soil consistently moist, and enjoy the sweet, juicy kernels when the tassels turn brown.

Watermelon: The Refreshing Fruit

sliced watermelon on a blue plate.

Nothing says summer like a juicy, refreshing slice of watermelon. Plant watermelon seeds or seedlings in a sunny location with plenty of space to sprawl. Keep the soil consistently moist, and be patient – it can take up to 90 days for your watermelons to be fully grown. When the tendril closest to the fruit turns brown and dries, it’s time to harvest your refreshing treat.

Pumpkin: The Versatile Veggie

a group of pumpkins in a field.

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween; they’re a versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed all summer long, and even in winter soups if you store them correctly. Plant pumpkin seeds in a sunny location, and give them ample space to grow. Keep the soil consistently moist, and wait for the magic to happen. When the pumpkins’ skin turns hard and the stem dries, it’s time to harvest your delicious and nutritious squash.

Silverbeet: The Nutritious Leafy Green

silverbeet in a white plate on a white marble surface.

Silverbeet, also known as Swiss chard, is a nutritious and tasty leafy green that can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. Plant silverbeet seeds directly into the soil, and provide them with a sunny location. Keep the soil consistently moist, and harvest the outer leaves as needed, allowing the plant to continue producing throughout the season.

Sunflower: The Garden Showstopper

a field of sunflowers in the sun.

Sunflowers not only provide a stunning visual in your summer garden but also produce delicious and nutritious seeds. Plant sunflower seeds directly into the soil in a sunny location, and watch them reach for the sky. Once the flowers have bloomed and begun to wilt, it’s time to harvest the seeds for a tasty snack or to save for planting next year.

Growing a diverse summer veggie garden in Melbourne is an experience like no other. It’s not only rewarding and delicious but also provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, improve your well-being, and reduce your environmental footprint. With these summer vegetables in your garden in Melbourne, you’ll be enjoying an abundance of fresh, homegrown produce all season long.

As you tend to your garden and watch it flourish, you’ll also be fostering a greater appreciation for the food on your plate and the hard work that goes into producing it. Sharing your homegrown harvest with friends and family will create memorable moments and inspire others to embark on their own gardening adventures.

In addition to the satisfaction of growing your own food, your summer veggie garden will also attract pollinators, like bees and butterflies, and contribute to a healthy ecosystem in your community. By providing a haven for these essential creatures, you’ll be playing a vital role in supporting the environment around you.

Discover Melbourne’s top summer veggies to plant, with tips for a bountiful harvest. Enjoy fresh, homegrown produce while connecting with nature. 🌱🍅🥒🌻

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