Saul’s Sandwiches Drive Through South Melbourne Menu & Review

sauls drive through coffee sandwiches south melbourne

It’s difficult to drive down Kings Way in Melbourne without noticing the bright red drive-through that is Saul’s Sandwiches. A deli-style sandwich chain that’s been popping up all over Melbourne in recent times.

I’ve especially noticed it on the back of their recent promotion with Maxibon where it was rebranded to give away free Waffle Maxibon ice cream sandwiches, but I did not get around to grabbing one. But now it’s back to normal selling very nice-looking sandwiches.

Drive Thru Coffee and Sandwiches on Kings Way, Melbourne

This is quite an interesting little building, open on both sides, they can serve cars on either side. You can see the chef in the area at the back.

Get in Early!

Last week, I walked over to grab something at around 2pm only to find out they were sold out for the day! Today I made sure to head down early to avoid disappointment. I even considered ordering ahead but then I noticed the pricing was much higher if you order through any apps including their own site.

Below is their pricing if you go there and both order and collect it yourself.

Saul’s Breakfast Menu

Available until 10:30 am


Espresso – $4/4.50

Hot Filter – $6

Cold Brew – $6

Iced Latte – $5

Soy Chai – $6

Hot Choc – $4

Frozen Coffee – $7


Very Mandarin – $5

Yuzu From Japan – $5

Ginger Beer – $5

Mount Franklin -$4.5

Coke No Sugar – $4.5

Coke – $4.5

Vegan Sausage Muffin

Hash brown, vegan cheddar, vegan aioli, tomato relish – $11

Brisket Egg And Cheese

Our signature smoked brisket sausage, fried egg, American cheese, Saul’s sauce – $11

Breaky Roll

Double bacon, fried egg, hash brown, American cheese, BBQ sauce, aioli – $11


Straight OJ – +$4

Regular coffee – +$3

Any Soda – +$4

Single Hash – +$3

Double Hash – +$5

Extra Patty – +$5

Extra Cheese – +$1.5

Extra Sauce – +$1.5

Extra Egg – +$2

Extra Bacon – +$4

Add Calabrian chilli – +$1.5

Saul’s Lunch Menu

Breaky Roll

Double bacon, fried egg, hash brown, American cheese, BBQ sauce, aioli – $11

Caprese Toastie

Tomato, red + green pesto, fresh mozzarella – $13

Add ham + $2

Tuna Melt

Capers, pickles, cheese, Saul’s sauce- $13

Roast Chook

Herbed ranch, red onion, pickles, seeded mustard, iceberg -$15

Add cheddar + $1.5

Gluten-Free – +$2

Roast Porchetta

Chilli braised greens, cheddar, aioli, salsa verde – $16

Gluten-Free- +$2

Smoked Pastrami

Cheddar, cavolo nero slaw, pickles, mustard, Saul’s sauce – $16

Gluten-Free +$2

Chicken Parm (From 10:30 Am)

Fior di latte, basil napoli, parmesan, ranch – $14

Add Ham- +$2

Tips to get cheaper food at Saul’s

When ordering ahead, even if you are picking it up yourself, their online service seems to add $3 onto the cost of the sandwiches. Given how quickly it takes them to prepare and heat the food, which was only a few minutes, there doesn’t seem to be much point in ordering ahead unless you want to confirm that they’ve not sold out. Just go there yourself and save some money or go all out and get it delivered for another $5-6 on top of that, but then the price is really starting to add up.

Smoked Pastrami Sandwich Review


I ordered the Smoked Pastrami sandwich from Sauls and stood aside for a few minutes (out of the way of cars) and had my food in 3-4 minutes flat. This really isn’t far behind the speed of the big fast food chains. I thought the sandwich was amazing. All the ingredients seemed to be there in a good quantity and everything looked and tasted gourmet.

My only downside was that sauce was leaking out of it as I walked and ate. I’d recommend holding it in its paper when you eat it so that you don’t drip all over your jumper as I did. Or at least eat it over the wrapping. There are actually a few little chairs nearby you can sit at to eat if you want to.

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