Make Your Family Home Brighter And Better With New Windows


If you decide to buy an old house you also know this means lots of work for the years to come. There are things you’ll want to redesign and walls you’ll need to tear down so the place will look comfy and modern. Still, the biggest problem with old houses is light (if you don’t like living in a cave).

Old houses look beautiful, and it is tempting to restore a piece of history, but they come from another time when people didn’t put that much focus on big windows and lots of natural light in every room. Well, nowadays we know that natural light is important for our health and mental well-being so it’s absolutely normal to want new, bigger windows.

Let’s see how you can bring more light into your cave without ruining its old, beautiful aspect.

Best Locations To Add More Windows

Well, adding new windows is the obvious thing to do, but it’s also one of the messiest. This is why it’s better to think about this before you start remodeling the house. This way, you won’t have to tear down walls and make holes twice.

The obvious places to add windows are the kitchen and the living room, but you should think out of the box and include some unusual places on your tearing down list. Places like the staircase or the landing are usually left out, but they have lots of potential for extra light.

Add A Skylight

The skylight is a great decision when you have a room where you can’t add regular windows. Still, you’ll have to be careful as, if mounted incorrectly, skylights present a large risk of leakage. On the other hand, if everything is set right, the skylight will also bring inside a lot more heat than any other regular window.

Replacing The Current Windows With Better Ones

If you are somehow satisfied with your windows’ size and positioning you may consider removing them from the remodeling list. Still, keep in mind that they are old, cranky and completely out of style. If you’re not convinced yet, here is a list of signs that shows it’s time for new windows.

Another sign that you should consider is the level of noise. If you can hear every car passing by your house with your windows shut, then it’s time to include them in your renovation plans. If you want to enjoy those rare moments of complete relaxation inside your new home, you should consider solutions to reduce the noise pollution from outside.

Glass Doors

One of the safest ways to improve lighting in your home is to install big, glass doors. It can be a regular type door with a big glass pane in the middle, or it can be a series of sliding glass doors that lead directly to the garden. The best part with glass doors is that they can be easily integrated into the general aspect of the house without attracting too much attention. Even more, they can actually improve your house’s elegant aspect.

So yes, replacing windows or carving holes to add new ones may be a difficult, expensive job, but the result is definitely worth it! You’ll have a brighter, better-looking home and, the best part is, you’ll be able to implement lots of windows decoration ideas!

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