Do I Need Pre-Construction Pest Control?

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When building a new home or starting a commercial construction project, it’s easy to underestimate the task at hand. There is a lot that goes into completing the build, from navigating the planning stage to getting the necessary paperwork completed. But there is one crucial step that can be easy to overlook, which is pre-construction pest control. 

Getting pre-construction pest control is something most buildings should have before starting construction. If you’re considering having pre-construction pest control done on your property, you may wonder if it’s necessary. It may seem pointless to treat pests before they become a problem, but it is incredibly vital. 

Here’s a look at some reasons to consider pre-construction pest control and a little about the process.

What is pre-construction pest control and what does it involve?

Pre-construction pest control is an approach to preventing pests from invading residential and commercial properties. This process involves much more than just handing out a few traps or sprinkling around some poison; it begins before the actual build of a property, taking into account environmental factors surrounding the area that might attract particular pests.

To achieve complete pre-construction pest protection, three stages are involved. This starts with an inspection to assess the area and decide the best plan of attack, then to the site preparation, where we get the area ready for application. We then would go through soil treatment with insecticides and termiticides, which creates a protective barrier against destructive insects and other crawling creatures like spiders and rodents. 

The different types of pre-construction pest control

While the end goal remains the same, we can go about pre-construction pest control using various methods. It largely depends on the type of soil and area you are building, as the types of pests can vary depending on location. However, the main types of pest control include the following.

Soil Treatment

The soil treatment process refers to simply treating the soil of the construction area with your chosen defensive agents. This will create a protective barrier against any insects or rodents common to the area you’re building.

Sentricon Baiting System 

These systems control termite colonies and are very effective at keeping termite infestation at bay. The only drawback is that you need to ensure that you maintain these systems on a yearly bases. Therefore they are recommended for areas that are prone to termite invasions. 

Borate Treatment

This method of treatment targets the wood studs of a building, making your building’s structure resilient to any invasion. While this can work well, it is also recommended to pair this with another form of pest control to repel the critters from your building. 


This is another preventative measure that creates a barrier around the property to stop pests from entering in the first place. It involved creating a green physical termite barrier that is placed around piping before concrete slabs are poured.

Why do you need pre-construction pest control if you’re building a new home?

Building a new home can be the most exciting time of your life, but as we all know, you must proper preparation is critical. Pest control is one vital component that many homeowners might forget. Without this critical step, you could find yourself with an infestation shortly after you’ve built the property.

The process stops pests before they enter your home. Your home will be a fortress to keep out insects and rodents, helping keep you protected against many common insects, including ants and termites

It is especially vital for new homes because you’re stopping the problem at its source rather than waiting for it to manifest. As they say, prevention is always better than a solution, so ensure you get the upper hand and are proactive because the window of time is small for these treatments.

To summarise

Pre-construction pest control is an important step to consider when building a new home. It will help save money and time in the long run and provide peace of mind that your construction site is safe from pests or critters who may otherwise cause damage or spread destruction.

You need to have an active role in protecting your house, so getting in early is wise. Whether you’re planning on constructing a single-family home or an entire development complex, ensure pre-construction pest control is part of your plan because prevention is critical.

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