Chevapi Grill South Melbourne Balkan Restaurant

Chevapi Grill South Melbourne Bulkan Restaurant

I’m quite sure I’ve seen cars around South Melbourne with the Chevapi Grill logo on them. I’ve been aware of this restaurant for quite some time but never tried it until recently. Last week I stopped by and got a takeaway beef Burek. We later came again for a group lunch!

Beef Burek at Chevapi Grill

This Beef Burek was great, it really inspired me to come back with the team. The pastry was really good and the filling was of good quality. Chevapi Grill keeps their Bureks in a heater at the front of the store, they are already warm, so they are a very fast snack if you’re on Clarendon Street. They just cut off a piece and put it in a bag for you and off you go!

Group Lunch at Chevapi Grill

When looking for a good place to eat near Clarendon street for a variety of tastes including a vegetarian, the delicious looking cheese or cheese & spinach Bureks came to mind and we looked up the menu and there was something here for each of us. Cheese & Spinach Burek at Chevapi Grill

My colleague Dhara says “The flavour of the cheese was good. It was nice and crispy. There are not a lot of different ingredients but still, it tastes nice. A good dish for cheese lovers.”

Chevapi Burger (Lunch Box Special with Chips)

This lunch deal includes a Chevapi burger with a side of chips. I found the burger to be really good, it was served in a Balkan-style flatbread was very fresh and soft the 4 Chevapi sausages inside it were very filling. The chips were not really the style I like, but they were fine. Next time I wouldn’t bother getting chips though, this plus my side of Haloumi cheese was too much.

Grilled Haloumi Cheese


Whilst my photography is not amazing, this presented very well on the black plate with its scorch marks. This grilled Haloumi also tasted great, with the typical squeaky texture you get from biting into Haloumi. This was definitely a better side than the chips.

Below are the two items which Jan had.

Crispy whitebaits with garlic toum sauce

“The fish is good, super crunchy, and a bit salty which is good to eat with beer.”

Balkan-style traditional flatbread

Jan also said that the bread was good.

Chevapi Grill Menu

Below is the menu that was offered during our visit.


Chevapi (4pcs) with cabbage salad/chips
House special beef skinless sausages (4pcs) on Mallee root charcoal with chips/salad – $13.50

Your choice of Burek with cabbage salad or chips – $12

Burger Bun with chips
Your choice of either Cevapi Burger or Pljeskavica Burger with chips – $17

House special Sausage Rolls (2) and chips – $10

Chicken ribs 5pcs with cabbage salad or chips
Gluten-free salt and pepper chicken ribs (6pcs) with chips or salad – $13.50


Pasulj- Balkan bean soup
Gluten free, egg free, nut free and dairy free – $9.50

Crispy whitebaits ‘Przene girice’
with lemon aioli foam GF, DF, EF, NF – $14.50

Large Chips
GF, DF, EF, NF – $9

Salt and pepper chicken ribs ‘So & biber pileca krilca’
with lemon aioli foam GF, DF, NF – $15

Small Chips
GF, DF, EF, NF- $6

Polenta chips ‘Projane stanglice’
GF, DF, EF, NF – $11

House-marinated olives ‘masline’ with your choice of bread
EF, NF – $8.50

Salted clotted cheese cream ‘Kajmak’
GF, EF, NF – $11

Roasted pepper paste ‘Ajvar’
GF, DF, EF, NF – $8

Urnebes salata – paprika feta dip
GF, EF, NF – $8

Macedonian style baked beans with lepinje
GF, DF, EF, NF – $15

Kid’s Meals

KIDS CEVAPI 4pcs and CHIPS – $13.50





Cheese burek
NF, EF – $8.50

Cheese and spinach burek
NF, EF – $8.50

Meat burek
DF, EF, NF – $8.50


Chevapi Burger/ cevapcici lepinje
Balkan style Angus beef skinless sausages (5) with red onion in traditional lepinje bread DF, EF, NF – $13.50

House Burger- Pljeskavica lepinje
Balkan Burger, 250g Angus beef patty with red onion in traditional bread bun – $14.50

Chorizo Burger – Kobasice Lepinje
with red onion, grilled capsicum, paprika feta dip EF, NF – $15.50

Chicken burger
Charcoal grilled chicken fillet with grilled vegetables and chimichurri DF, EF, NF – $16

Vegetarian Burger
Haloumi, grilled vegetables, rocket salad and vincotto EF, NF – $14

Vegan Burger
Char grilled mushroom, grilled vegetables, chimichurri, and Oliana coconut cheese DF, EF, NF – $14

Balkan Mains

Cevapcici Main
Balkan beef skinless sausages with red onion, cabbage salad & ajvar GF, DF, EF, NF – $16

Pljeskavica 250g Main
Balkan beef patty with red onion, cabbage salad & ajvar GF, DF, EF, NF – $17

Stuffed Pepper ‘Punjena Paprika’
Red pepper stuffed with pancetta, beef and rice and served with mash potato GF, EF, NF – $24

Cabbage Rolls ‘Sarma’
Made with sauerkraut, pancetta, beef and rice, on olive oil mashed potato GF, EF, NF – $25

Hungarian style beef stew, with mashed potato and peas GF, EF, NF – $26

Pork skewers ‘Raznjici’
Pork skewers with shopska salad and chips GF, EF, NF – $25

Gurmanska Pljeskavica 350g main
350g beef patty made with kackavalj cheese and pancetta, served on red onion, cabbage salad & ajvar GF, DF, EF, NF – $23

Punjena Pljeskavica 450g main
450g beef patty stuffed with kackavalj cheese served on red onion, cabbage salad & ajvar GF, DF, EF, NF – $29


Rocket salad
Rocket salad, grated carrot and roasted pumpkin salad with vincotto dressing GF, NF, EF – $10

Sopska salad
tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion, red pepper and grated Bulgarian sheep milk feta, GF, NF, EF – $11

Balkan style cabbage salad ‘Kupus’
GF, DF, EF, NF – $8

Balkan style potato salad
GF, DF, NF – $11

Marinated Sweet Paprika (3pcs)
Grilled and peeled and marinated in sun flower oil and garlic – $9

Marinated hot chillies (4pcs)
Grilled and marinated in sunflower oil and garlic – $6.50


Meat platter
6 cevapcici, 2 mini pljeskavica, 2 chicken fillets, 2 beef sausages with onion, shops salad, cabbage salad and chips – $59

Just Cevapi platter
25 cevapcici with onion, sopska salad, cabbage salad and chips – $75

Chicken Ribs (20) with chips and rocket salad
Gluten free spicy salt chicken ribs with large chips and large garden salad -$39

Just salad platter


Extra cevapcici (5pcs)
Balkan beef skinless sausages GF EF NF DF – $11

Extra pljeskavica
Balkan beef patty 250g GF EF DF NF – $12

Extra beef sausages sudjukice (2pcs)
GF EF DF NF – $9

Extra chicken fillet
GF EF DF NF – $8

Extra haloumi (4pcs)
GF EF NF – $6.50

Turkish bread ‘Lepinje’ – $2

Gluten free bread
GF EF DF NF – $3

Extra chorizo/ kobasice
Balkan beef skinless sausages GF EF NF DF – $10


Poached large pink lady apple stuffed with sweet cinnamon walnut and served with whipped cream GF EF DF – $8.50

Walnut baklava
Home-made Balkan style moist walnut baklava (2), with honey lemon syrup, and candied zest EF DF – $9.50

Sweet bureks
Vegan- NF, EF, DF – $8.50

Chocolate almond cake with ice cream
Flourless almond cake with double cream GF – $10

Sticky date pudding with ice cream
Warm spiced sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and double cream GF, NF – $11

GLUTEN FREE, contains egg, dairy and nuts – $3.50

Non- Alcoholic

Cedevita- ORANGE – $5

Cedevita- LEMON – $5

Cockta- Balkan Cola – $4

Mount Franklin Spring Water – $3

Mineral water 250ml KNJAS MILOS – $3.50

Can of soft drinks 375ml – $3

Fructa Premium juices 200ml – $4

Cascade lemon lime bitter – $5

Fuze Peach iced tea – $5

Fresh and Frozen Take Home Meals

Frozen sausage rolls (5pcs)
Quality ingredients, made using our chevapi meat, once thawed cook in oven at 180 Celcius degrees for 20 minutes – $10

Frozen cabbage rolls (3PCS) with mash
3 large cabbage rolls with mashed potato – thaw, heat and serve – $22

Frozen stuffed pepper and mashed potato
Slow cooked red pepper stuffed with rice and meat – $19

Frozen goulash, Hungarian style beef stew
with mashed potato – $20

Eggplant musaka
Vegetarian and gluten free and egg free. Contains dairy – $12

Frozen soup
gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free – $9

Tavce Gravce frozen
Macedonian style baked beans – $12

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