Top Healthcare Appointments To Schedule Before The Back To School Rush

Top Healthcare Appointments To Schedule Before The Back To School Rush

It’s nearly here: the season of preparing lunches, the mad rush out the door in the morning, taxiing kids from swimming to netball to karate, and listening to the same reader book being read over and over and over again. That’s right, the new school year is nigh. 

School terms are hectic and jam-packed for the whole family and the last thing you want to do is pile more into the schedule. Before the onslaught begins, why spend this sleepy month of January making (and attending) a few healthcare appointments? That way, you can ensure that your kids start the school year with an exceptional bill of health.

Here are our top suggestions for the healthcare appointments you should tick off your to-do list to make sure the kids begin this school year fit and healthy.

Book a dental check-up

With hundreds of dentists across Melbourne, it can feel impossible to choose one that is right for your child. Choosing a clinic that specialises in compassionate care for children is essential, especially if your child is prone to dental anxiety.

Quality and expertise are worth travelling for, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For that before-school-starts check-up, try Dentaservice, an affordable dentist in Epping whose staff are dedicated to maintaining your child’s dental health in a relaxed environment. Just because your kids may be going to school in South Melbourne, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re limited to booking appointments with locally-based healthcare practitioners. Sometimes, the best kids dental clinic for your family may just happen to be based further out. So read through clinic reviews and perhaps even try a few specialists as your kids go through school to find specialists that they feel most comfortable with.

Before you book your dental appointment, however, it’s well worth taking some time to consider what dental care services you’re looking to secure for your child. For instance, do you have a teenager who may benefit from an appointment with a trusted orthodontist? Or if your child plays sports, a mouthguard will help prevent any major damage to their teeth in the event of a collision. So why not have one made up at your dental clinic before school starts up again for the year? Understanding what services you’re after can also be beneficial when it comes to finding the right clinic for your kids.

Starting the year with healthy teeth means no dentist-related interruptions to your child’s learning, plus a bright white smile for school photos! 

Book an eye test

Eyesight can change quickly, and kids are no exception here. Poor eyesight impacts on a child’s ability to learn and participate positively in the classroom. That’s why optometrists recommend yearly testing (for both kids and adults alike) to make sure any changes are being monitored and acted upon. 

Not all children can identify why they might suddenly be squinting to see things that are far away, or why they are getting headaches when they read. Even if your child notices a change, they don’t always think to tell their parents, it’s just something they get used to. And you’d be surprised by just how many parents come to find out that their kids have been battling migraines and eye strains in silence for weeks (if not months) before the need for an eye test is even realised.

All of this unnecessary pain is avoided entirely by setting up yearly or even biannual eye tests for your kids – starting with an appointment in January, before the school year begins. Having yearly tests avoids any guessing and, when completed before the start of the new school year, sets them up for success.

Book a hearing test

Many parents are unaware of the far-reaching impact that poor hearing can have on their child’s schooling. When children are unable to hear their teacher during learning or when given instructions, they can switch off and unintentionally do the wrong thing. 

After a time, unintentional mistakes turn into intentional disruption and limited progress. A child who is frequently getting told off can lose confidence and self-esteem as they are not able to engage at a similar level to their peers.

Once again, all of this unnecessary suffering can easily be rectified by booking your child in for a hearing test proactively. Having a hearing test can check for any issues and a variety of treatment options are available. This may be through an ear, nose and throat specialist, a hearing device, or even just a simple ear clean!


With kids always on their feet and in the same pair of shoes five days a week for 40 weeks out of the year, it is imperative that they visit a podiatrist. Improper gait and standing posture can have widespread consequences on the body, including back pain, reduced lower-body muscle strength, and an increased likelihood of ankle and knee injuries. And if you’ve got a little athlete on your hands (be it soccer, rugby, or dance), then you’ll want to make sure that they’re not moving on uncomfortably.

A podiatrist will check for pronation and supination, and for any signs of impacted toenails that may lead to a painful ingrown nail. They will recommend the most supportive shoes for your child’s unique needs and may prescribe orthotics as a suitable treatment.


Before we round up this guide, we’d like to add a quick note: you may need to secure a referral from your GP if you’re looking to schedule any specialist appointments for your children. This is, however, standard practice for a lot of healthcare specialists in the Australian healthcare system, so be sure to schedule a GP consultation nice and early so you can get the ball rolling on setting all your other appointments. Your GP will likely also be able to answer any questions you have about additional appointments you’re looking to schedule before the school term begins, so be sure to ask your family GP anything that may be on your mind.

The holidays may be winding down and school prep is ramping up but following this checklist will ensure that both you and your kids are prepared for whatever the year may throw at you. More specifically, however, getting these healthcare appointments out of the way nice and early can help ensure that your kids are set up for a year’s worth of empowered learning and that they have all the resources and care that they need to perform at their very best from Term 1 and through to Term 4. 

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