Easey’s Collingwood Review & Menu

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If you’re looking for a new place to eat where the burgers are delicious and the beers are flowing you should look no further than Easey’s in Collingwood. 

When it comes to burgers there are two things I look for. I want something delicious and well worth the money. Also I want my experience to be memorable and enjoyable. With some of the best burgers in Melbourne, a variety of craft beers brewed for the restaurant, a great location and an exciting atmosphere Easey’s has to be on your list of places in Melbourne to visit on a night out.

Easey’s Location, Transport and Parking

Located at 48 Easey Street in Collingwood just outside of Melbourne CBD, getting to Easey’s Collingwood with public transport was a breeze with just a 10-minute walk from the Victoria Park train station. If I had chosen to drive, street parking was everywhere nearby.

I was invited out by some friends of mine with a reservation booked at 6:30 pm on a Saturday, which is typically the busiest time of any restaurant in the week. Walking to the train restaurant in Collingwood you’re met with the sight of a tall building with three train carriages perched on top. It looks more like an art statement than a restaurant but the whole theme becomes realised once you enter the establishment.

Photo by Dylan Gatt

Inside walls were covered floor to ceiling in trainyard graffiti matching the underground vibe is exciting and inviting. Tables on the bottom floor filled with customers chatting away and having a great time. We quickly got attended to and were directed to go to the roof, specifically, to the train carriage. We had to climb 4 flights of stairs covered in graffiti and tags from roof to ceiling. Once on the roof, we were seated and within five minutes we had drinks on our table from the bar located at the front of the carriage.

Easey’s Drinks

The first drink we ordered from Easey’s menu was the Easey’s Lager, a house brew on tap collaborated with Easey’s & Bonehead Brewing located at 86 Parson’s Street, Kensington. At $7 a pot/$13 a pint at 5.5% alcohol I can’t say I’ve had a lager quite like this. It was very light to taste and wasn’t very frothy but it went down super easy. The Easey’s Lager is definitely a session beer and you could have multiple without feeling bloated or gassy.

Easey’s House Lager – Photo by Dylan Gatt

We quickly downed the beers and immediately were asked if we wanted to try anything else. As a sucker for tequila, I was recommended to try the Tromba Tommy’s Margarita for $20 with Tequila, Lime, Agave and Salt. It was super delicious and smooth, the salt on the glass complimenting perfectly as one would expect with tequila.

Tromba Tommy’s Margarita – Photo by Dylan Gatt

It wasn’t long before the waiter was back at our table having a chat while waiting for our food. He explained how he was working directly with Bonehead Brewing to make up a few different beers for the restaurant and upon realising we were keen to try them he offered us a can of each to try. 

The tinnies come in 3 types. The yellow can was called Locomotive Lager. This was my favourite of the three. Just a quality lager similar to the beer on tap. It went down super easy. The green can was called Metropolitan Mid IPA. I’m not a fan of IPAs myself but one of my friends was and said it was decent. The red can was called Panel Pale Ale and had a very fruity taste.

The cans were $7 each but you could also buy a 4-pack for $21 or a whole slab of 24 for $62 to take with you.

Easey St. Sidings Brewing Co. – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Easey’s Food – Burgers and Sides

Before long, our food had arrived. We each ordered a different Easey’s burger as well as a different side and took the opportunity to share food between us.

Initially, I was planning on ordering the Metropolitan Mayhem. At $42, this Easey’s burger is considered a food challenge. Consisting of 4 smashed patties, 6 slices of cheese, bacon, 2 potato cakes, 2 fried dim sims and 2 pickles between a soft bun, it is on the house if you can finish it along with a milkshake in under 3 minutes. Talking to the waiter, many attempts have been made but few have succeeded.

Instead, I opted for the BBQ BCN Cheeseburger as a double for $20. The smashed patties were delicious, the bacon was generous and the bun was nice and soft. The side of chips were perfectly cooked. Nice and crispy.

Easey’s BBQ BCN Cheeseburger and chips – Photo by Dylan Gatt

The Louisiana Fried Chicken Sandwich at $17 on Easey’s menu was simple but had lots of flavour. My friend said the chilli cheese fries on the side were perfect to combine with.

Easey’s Louisiana Chicken Sandwich and Chilli Cheese Fries – Photo by Dylan Gatt

I was too busy eating to take pictures of the other meals, but the Mac & Cheese was just enough for one person and tasted really good. The buffalo wings I was told were very delicious but quite spicy. The Rowdy Cheeseburger at $15 looked excellent, as did the $19 Double Fried Chicken Sandwich.

The view of Collingwood from Easey’s rooftop train carriages – Photo by Dylan Gatt


Overall I can see why Easey’s Collingwood has some very positive reviews and they must be doing well considering they have opened a second location recently at The Emerson in South Yarra. We all left very satisfied with the food, the service and the experience. You may need to book a reservation, especially at a busier time of the week but I highly recommend booking in the train carriages. It was overall a fun experience and the view overlooking Collingwood was sensational and I’ll certainly be back to have a go at the Metropolitan Mayhem food challenge.

Easey’s Menu


CheeseburgerSingle – $14.50 – Double – $19 – Triple – $23

Rowdy CheeseburgerSingle – $15.50 – Double – $20 – Triple – $24

BBQ Bacon CheeseburgerSingle – $15.50 – Double – $20 – Triple – $24

Oklahoma Fried Onion Cheeseburger – $16

Metropolitan Mayhem – $42

Fried Chicken SandwichSingle – $15 – Double – $19 – Triple – $23

Louisiana Fried Chicken SandwichSingle – $17 – Double – $21 – Triple – $25

Chicken Bow WowSingle – $16 – Double – $20 – Triple – $24

Your Mate BurgerSingle – $16 – Double – $21


Classic Smoked Hot Dog – $12

Chili Cheese Dog – $16

Mac N Cheese Dog – $16

Deep Fried Potatoes

Regular Chips – $9 – Tots – $8 – Sweet Potato – $9

Cheese & GravyChips – $10 – Tots – $10 – Sweet Potato – $11

Chili CheeseChips – $13 – Tots – $13 – Sweet Potato – $14

Mac N CheeseChips – $13 – Tots – $13 – Sweet Potato – $14


Mac N Cheese – $7.50

Mac N Cheese Bites – $12

Potato Cake – $3

Dim Sims – $7

Buffalo Wings – $16

BBQ Wings – $16

Corn Ribs – $16


Donut – $4 or 3 for $9

Ice Cream Sandwich – $8

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