Moving Tips: How to Safely Move Your Valuables

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You can toss your shoes into boxes and pack electronics into their packaging without any stress of damaging them when moving. However, the most challenging thing is how to protect your valuables. The expensive nature of some items makes it hard to move. You need an elaborate plan for protecting them from damage and getting lost as you move to your next location. Below are some moving tips that will ensure your priceless belongings are safe when you move.

Get An Insurance Cover

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Well, you never know what awaits you on the road, and the only way to be safe is by getting your most valuable items covered to ensure their safety. Getting moving insurance could protect you against damaged and lost belongings. Accordingly, you should inquire about your moving company to ensure they are covered before doing business with them.

Make An Inventory List With Pics

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Obviously, you know what is more valuable to you than other items. Ensure you put them down in writing and take photos of them. This can be tedious, but the visual proof is essential to determine if something is missing or broken. Additionally, this can help you with an insurance claim.

Choose A Reputable Removalist

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Research and evaluate the best removal company near you who can handle your valuable items with a lot of care. For instance, excellent furniture removalists should be reliable and highly-experienced when it comes to identifying and relocating expensive sets and removing them from your old place.

If you have no idea of any reputable removalist in town, you can check the licensed ones before making the final decision of settling on one. You can also compare existing ones to determine the company that best fits your safety requirements and budget.

Label Your Boxes

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Once you have everything packed in boxes, label them with bold letters that are easily noticeable. Put the labels “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE” on your valuables. Additionally, ensure all your fragile items are labeled to stand upright with signs such as “this side up.”

Keep The Small Valuables With You

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Ensure you have what you can keep by yourself in your car. It is pointless to pack small valuables in the moving truck. You can transport money (to some extent), jewelry, family bequests, documents, and some electronics in your car as you move.

Get Help Moving The Big Stuff

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Heavy and vast valuables should be left for the pros to move. It is essential to get a specialist when it comes down to move some items that require extra care and caution. Accordingly, some small valuables can also require the aid of special moving companies, especially if their value is so high. Heavy items need crates and expert hands that you may not have. However, you should be careful when choosing your moving company.


Ensuring an easy and fast move for your valuables should not be something that causes you stress. You just need a little pre-planning and extra caution to guarantee a safe move for your valuables. Also, remember to keep everything in boxes, sealed, and labeled.

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