An Afternoon At Grazeland Melbourne

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Everybody loves a food truck and what’s better than a food truck? Lots of food trucks in one location! Grazeland has taken this concept to the next level with over 50 different eateries to choose from in one small location. Let me start by saying that this is quite possibly the best place in Melbourne if you want to sample lots of different styles of cuisine in one location.

Grazeland Melbourne – Photo by Dylan Gatt 

I’ve long heard of the reputation of Grazeland and I finally got the opportunity to go down and sample some of the food available. There was so much that it will take multiple visits to try everything and I’m looking forward to doing so.

A good friend and I had a plan on how we would maximise our time at Grazeland and would highly suggest if possible to do what we did to get the most out of your time there. We took turns buying a single meal at a new place and shared it between us. It allowed us to try 6 different outlets before we physically couldn’t eat any more food. Keep it in mind when you go down to make the most of your experience.

Grazeland Melbourne – Location, Transport and Parking

Grazeland is located only 5km from Melbourne CBD at 20 Booker Street in Spotswood, Victoria on the old wharf with the West Gate Bridge proudly in view behind the park.

If you’re traveling from the West, turn right at the Williamstown exit onto Melbourne Road. Alternatively, if driving from the CBD take your first exit to the left as soon as you pass over the West Gate Bridge. Turn left onto Hudson Street and follow the road right to the end and you will see the massive shipping containers making up the entrance to the park.

There is plenty of free on-street parking all along both Hudson Rd and Booker Street. There is also a dedicated EasyPark parking station with 6 hours of parking to the left of Grazeland.

If public transport is your method of transport then taking the Metro Werribee/Williamstown line is the way to go. Get off the train at Spotswood Station and Grazeland is only a short 10-minute walk away.

Entering and Navigating Grazeland

Enter Grazeland from the main entrance between the large shipping containers. There is a $4 per person fee to enter the park but for those with children, little humans 12 years old or younger get in for free!

A row of outlets at Grazeland – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Grazeland has been designed to fit right in with the wharf aesthetic of the town. Your typical food trailers have been replaced with custom-designed shipping containers stacked together like a shipping yard. Two containers per outlet provide lots of room for staff to work and create. The benefit of having wide shipping containers as outlets is simply that the lines of people ordering and waiting for food aren’t converging with one another between restaurants so it makes for a very pleasant experience. The entire park is undercover as well so even on days when rain is forecast your day won’t be ruined by rain or wind.

There are 3 main corridors of food. None have a real theme with foods of different styles, cultures and ethnicities all mixed together providing a gorgeous, vibrant aroma anywhere you are. Each corridor is serviced by a bar that serves multiple beers on tap and spirits as well as a cocktail bar. There is also a small section called “Sweet Street” where 8 different dessert containers are set up ranging from crepes to cannoli, pancakes and ice cream!

Some dessert options available at Grazeland – Photo by Dylan Gatt

There are also a small number of arts and crafts stalls with local artists selling merchandise, paintings and photography of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs as well as two stages that showcase local and national talent performing music. You can find out which artists are playing on the Grazeland website as well.

The last thing to note is the park is dog-friendly so if you want to bring your pooch along for an adventure Grazeland is the perfect place.

The Food at Grazeland

I mentioned earlier the vast array of outlets there, so sampling everything in one go is not feasible. Each restaurant has anywhere from 6-15 items on the menu so with around 500 different meals to choose from you’re going to find a few things that you really resonate with.

Smoke Works at Grazeland Melbourne – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Whilst the pricing is different from store to store the average spend per meal was around the $17 mark. In some places you spend a little more, some a little less. If you set a budget for $20 a meal you’ll have a little left over to treat yourself to a nice dessert.

It’s worth noting too if you plan on sharing meals with friends, every vendor we spoke to was happy to split one meal into two portions or provide multiple sets of cutlery per plate. All cutlery was in the form of disposable wooden/cardboard forks and plates. A real effort to eliminate single-use plastic is in action with 90% of waste at the park ethically recycled.

The God’s approve of The Grillin’ Greeks – Photo by Dylan Gatt

I visited 6 different locations for my first time at Grazeland and here is what I thought.

Zuya African BBQ

Our first stop was Zuya which specialises in African BBQ. Right behind the counter, a large charcoal grill was firing with slabs of beef and chicken slowly cooking covered in various herbs and spices. 9 different meals were available not including sides which consisted of various combinations of rice, vegetables, salad and of course chicken or beef.

Zuya African BBQ and Lucky Little Dumplings at Grazeland – Photo by Dylan Gatt

We opted for the Zuya Sandwich with beef. The sandwich was actually a soft roll that was filled with beef, onion, capsicum and some lettuce. Nothing too fancy but the BBQ meat was up there with some of the better I’ve had.

The Zuya Sandwich – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Lucky Little Dumplings

Conveniently next door to Zuya, the craving for dumplings hit hard and who am I to resist? Within just a few minutes of ordering, our 8 steamed pork dumplings were served alongside some coleslaw and a tub of their “Secret Chilli Sauce”.

Lucky Little Dumplings providing the goods – Photo by Dylan Gatt

These dumplings were some of the best I’ve ever had. Packed full of flavour and so, so juicy. As a bonus, the pastry didn’t fall apart like some dumplings I’ve had in the past which is a big tick. The secret sauce was definitely unique. It was very spicy and there were some flavours in it that I couldn’t quite pick but overall complimented the dumplings perfectly.

Ink-redible Calamari

Next on the list was Ink-redible Calamari. I love the pun in the name and I certainly loved the food. We opted for a cone of salt and pepper calamari rings. 8 in total with a wedge of lemon in the middle. Whilst a little pricey compared to say a local fish and chip shop you’re paying for quality. These calamari rings were soft, tender and packed full of flavour. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better calamari rings West of the Melbourne CBD.

Absolutely Ink-redible Calamari Rings – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Que Rico Paella

A taste of Spain was next on the agenda and Que Rico Paella had us covered. Que Rico provides a small menu with just chicken, seafood and vegetarian paella. That being said, the visual sight of the large traditional paella pans with mussels bubbling away on a hot plate is something you could never get tired of seeing.

Que Rico Paella – Photo by Dylan Gatt

We decided on the chicken paella. A plate well stacked with rice, a couple of pieces of chicken, some sprouts, cauliflower and other vegetables. We felt that the chicken paella needed a little bit more to add to the flavour but was still definitely worth the money spent. Next time I’ll opt for the seafood paella just to taste the difference.

Tasty Chicken Paella – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Okinami Japanese Eatery

We refreshed ourselves with a beer before making a stop for some Japanese food. We witnessed a few people around the park eating takoyaki and the craving hit us hard so we ordered a serving for ourselves.

Okinami Japanese Eatery at Grazeland – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Within minutes 8 takoyaki balls covered in Japanese mayo, brown sauce and topped with shaved bonito flakes were served. These were so rich and full of flavour it was almost too much. Almost. Without a doubt these were the best fried octopus balls I’ve ever had.

The best takoyaki in Melbourne – Photo by Dylan Gatt


By this point, I was completely full and almost opted against trying Bratboy but I’m glad I did. Quite possibly the friendliest staff at any of the restaurants we approached, food was ordered and served nice and quick! 

BratBoy Bratwust Sausages and Bretzels at Grazeland – Photo by Dylan Gatt

The BBQ Brat caught our attention. A bratwurst sausage with grilled onion, bacon, cheese and BBQ Sauce. As an added bonus, the outside of the roll was toasted on the same grill the sausages are cooked on. This was the perfect way to end the afternoon. A juicy bratwurst sausage packed with toppings. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

The BBQ Brat – Photo by Dylan Gatt


Grazeland is the kind of place that you don’t visit just once. There is just so much to choose from that you simply won’t be able to experience it all in one go. The fact that the park is just so inviting and accessible to everybody from groups of friends to families with young children, Grazeland is simply a wonderful place to regularly visit.

More vendors at Grazeland Melbourne – Photo by Dylan Gatt

The visual stylings of each restaurant paired with the wharf aesthetics of towering shipping containers feels extremely inviting and there’s no way you could be in a bad mood navigating around the park.

Make sure Grazeland is on your list of places to visit.


48h Pizza Bar

Award-winning Italian woodfired pizza.

Anatolia Gozleme

Authentic Turkish gozleme

Bao Down & Katsu King

Delicious Baos & Japanese katsu sandwiches


German hotdogs & bretzels

Boulevarde Bar

Enjoy a champagne or aperol spritz on the deck


Tea-based drink with tapicoa balls

Bun Tessa

Vietnamese noodles & soups

Cannoleria by That’s Amore Cheese

Freshly filled cannoli


Donut based pastry filled with ice cream


Spanish donuts

Cielo Gelateria

Italian ice cream & waffles

Claw & Tail

Fresh oysters, lobster rolls & more!

The Crunch Range

Parma’s, super-sized drumsticks and the famous blooming onion


Fruit filled puff pastry with toppings


Fresh doughnuts, cookies and thickshakes


Sri Lankan streetfood

El Gaucho

Argentinean BBQ

El Taco

Authentic Mexican

Fat Tony’s

Sandwich Deli

Flame Skewers & Flying Noodles

Melbourne’s famous flying noodles


French Streetfood

Golden Popcorn

Fresh hand popped, kettle corn

Ink-redible Calamari

Fresh calamari made with Nonna’s secret recipe


Fresh juice, mocktails & fruit salad

Kustom Burgers

Mouth-watering burgers

Lokma Lokma

Famous Greek lokmades

Lucky Little Dumplings

Freshly made Chinese dumplings

Meadow Bar

Visit us near the main entertainment stage

Metro Bar

Located near our 2nd live stage and big screen

Miss Wonton

Homemade wontons, banh mi & pho

Mr Toum

Lebanese streetfood

New Orleans

Southern fried chicken

Nuts About Ma’amoul

Traditional Middle Eastern semolina cookies


Fish & Seafood

Okinami Japanese Eatery

Gyoza, tempura and other Japanese cuisine

Pasta E Basta

Fresh, hand-made Italian pasta

Pierogi Pierogi

Famous Polish dumplings

Que Rico! Paella

Authentic Spanish paella

Rainbow Fairy Floss

Fairy floss made into fun characters

Soft Drink Stand

A variety of soft drinks and water available


BBQ’d and smoked meats


The original frozen cheesecake on a stick

Street Crepes

Sweet crepes with all the trimmings

Tandoori Land

Indian Cuisine

That Arancini Guy

Arancini balls & parmigana meatball subs

The Grillin’ Greeks

Greek streetfood, Greek cuisine

Tiger Prawn

Try their famous Pad Thai

Toyoki Souffle Pancake

Light fluffy pancakes made with souffle technique


The orginal Korean twist potato


Great Melbourne coffee


African BBQ


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