What’s With The Pink Lake at Westgate Park in Melbourne?

What’s With the Pink Lake at Westgate Park in Melbourne

The Pink Lake Melbourne: How did it come to be?

Located in Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, the oddly rose-hued lake draws visitors from around the state to its colourful shores. But how exactly did the unusual bubblegum shade come about? That is to say, what caused Melbourne’s Pink Lake to become, well – pink?

Quite simply, the visually attractive colour of the water is the result of chemical reactions that occur with the algae that reside in the lake – namely, Dunaliella salina. When the lake’s salt content is up and the water levels are down, and there is a perfect combination of heat, sunlight and increased salinity of the water, the lake turns pastel pink.

There are, admittedly, several naturally occurring pink lakes in the Victorian city of Melbourne. But, Westgate Park Port Melbourne’s Pink Lake is probably the most famous of the bunch. 

What’s the best time to visit The Pink Lake in Melbourne?

The best time to visit Melbourne’s famous Pink Lake is in the Summer, especially after a dry spell or heatwave which produces the perfect conditions to turn the lake rosy. 

Visit the lake outside of this time, and you will be disappointed. The lake will be a considerably less aesthetically pleasing vision of murky, muddy water – which is the lake’s natural colour pre-algae-chemical-reaction.

How do I get to The Pink Lake in Melbourne?

As the lake is situated a stone’s throw from Melbourne’s Westgate Freeway – almost right at the foot of the looming Westgate Bridge – it’s relatively easy to drive to, if you have access to your own car!

Getting there on public transport is slightly more difficult. There aren’t any trams going out that way, so you’ll need to get the bus. The # 235 bus takes you from the centre of the CBD to the Todd Road drop-off point, a short 5-minute walk from the lake. Alternatively, you can catch the # 234 bus from the South Melbourne Market – the last stop, Garden City, will require you to walk for about 15 minutes to get there. This can be tough in the summer months, so get ready for a good old sweat sesh! Once you do get there though, it will be worth it. The Instagram-worthy views are truly stunning in person.

Parking at the Pink Lake Melbourne: Where’s the best spot to park near Melbourne’s Pink Lake?

If you choose to drive out to Westgate Park, you may be wondering, where can I park at Melbourne’s Pink Lake? 

Luckily, there are a couple of parking spots nearby that you can choose from. For the closest and easiest access to the lake, there is limited parking available at the Todd Road service centre. Alternatively, you can leave your car at Lorimor Street, Port Melbourne, and travel a short distance on foot to Westgate Park.

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