Hobby Classes for Adults in Melbourne: Cooking Edition

Hobby Classes for Adults in Melbourne: Cooking Edition

Cooking Classes by Cuisine

Indian Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Showcasing the fundamentals of preparing rich, fragrant and comforting fare, Indian cooking classes will teach you all you need to know about choosing the correct combinations of spices to create the perfect curry. Paired with roti and homemade raita, your newfound skill in Indian cooking will surely impress your guests!

There are a couple of great options for Indian cooking classes in Melbourne, including Heavenly Morsel Cooking Classes Melbourne, which proclaims itself to offer ‘Melbourne’s finest regional Indian cooking classes’. Other options include Indian cooking masterclasses at Otao Kitchen, Melbourne, as well as another locally-based Melbourne cooking school, Relish Mama

Greek Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Yassas! That is what you will say once you have mastered the art of making a lamb souvlaki that even a Greek Yia Yia would envy. Greek cooking classes will show you how to embrace a Mediterranean diet and create savourous feats for your loved ones.

Melbourne’s My Greek Kitchen is a great place to start, as is The Hellenic Odyssey, Melbourne. Each of these Greek cooking schools is found in the inner suburbs of Melbourne – in Doncaster Heights, and Moorrabin, respectively – and will have you cooking up traditional dishes of spanakopita and moussaka in no time!

Thai Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Thai cooking classes have become increasingly popular in Melbourne. From steaming bowls of spicy tom yum soup to fragrant green, red and massaman curries to invigorate the senses, there’s no wonder Melburnians love Thai food – and learning how to cook them is almost as fun as eating them!

For aspiring Thai cooks, the Original Thai Cooking School in Melbourne’s southeast suburb of Cheltenham offers lessons on preparing authentic Thai fare. Funky Southwharf, Melbourne eatery Bangpop also offers fun Thai cooking classes in the city. 

Vietnamese Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Vietnamese cuisine is also increasing in popularity in Melbourne, thanks to its fresh and tangy flavours. Learn how to combine chilli, lemongrass and other spices to create tantalizingly authentic Vietnamese dishes at a Vietnamese cooking class.

Vietnamese cooking classes in Melbourne can be found at Jean’s Asian Cooking, as well as Melbourne-based cookery school, Spice Bazaar

Mexican Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Mexican food, on the other hand, is a cuisine that has always been popular in Melbourne. Melburnians love a burrito, and for good reason! Mexican cooking classes teach you how to turn fresh, simple ingredients into impressively tasty Mexican fare. Don’t forget to add guacamole! 

Try the centrally-located Cooking with Lola on Crockford Street in Port Melbourne for sizzling and spicy lessons in Mexican and Spanish cookery. 

French Cooking Classes in Melbourne

The appeal of French cuisine can be attributed, in part, to its complicated recipes. Unless you’re Julia Child, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the cooking that originates from France. French cooking classes can teach you the basics of creating delicious, decadent dishes to make a French chef proud. If in doubt – add butter!

Admittedly, French cooking classes in Melbourne can be hard to find – especially with the popular French cooking school, Dish Du Jour, being temporarily closed at the moment. Your best bet? Try a French cooking class at Class Bento or Truff the Chef’s Table Cooking School.

Vegan Cooking Classes in Melbourne

If you choose to be vegan, admittedly, your dining options will be somewhat limited. A vegan cooking class can show you how to make the most of your more sparse diet. By teaching you a variety of vegan-friendly recipes, you can make meals that are almost as interesting as an omnivore’s.

Vegan cooking classes in Melbourne are also relatively hard to come by. Green Food Kitchen in Southbank, Melbourne is one option. Or, you could try a vegan baking workshop at Vegiehead

Learning to Cook Specific Dishes in Melbourne

Diverse group of people making pasta during cooking class in kitchen interior

Specific Cultural Dishes 

For cultural foodies, there are a plethora of cooking classes featuring specific dishes from around the world. Try a dumpling-making class at The Humble Dumpling in Fairfield, Melbourne for top tips on how to create delicious bite-sized pillows filled with warm and savoury fillings of chicken, prawn or pork with chives. For Japanese enthusiasts, you could try a sushi or bento-making class at Shikishai Japanese Cooking School. Pizza-making lessons at Melbourne institution 400 Gradi will enthuse fans of Italian cuisine, or perhaps try your hand at a traditional salami-making class at Sausages Made Simple or regional Victoria establishment Pietro Gallus Estate.

Baking Classes in Melbourne

If you’re an avid baker, there are so many different types of baking classes you can take. Some of the best are at Melbourne’s Bake Club. You can enrol in lessons for bread baking of various varieties – including Sourdough, specifically. Or, you may prefer to take more creative cake-making and cake-decorating classes at Cake Waves in Clayton, Melbourne, or perhaps even a cookie-decorating class. For a more niche experience, try a croissant or macaron-making class at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School. Pastry and patisserie-making classes are also a popular option there. 

Everything else 

For the man in your life who likes to cook a BBQ, a Weber barbecue cooking or meat smoking class at Melbourne’s The Que Club might be right up their alley. Dairy lovers will enjoy learning to make cheese at That’s Amore Cheese in Melbourne’s Thomastown. Or, you can even indulge in a chocolate-making class just outside of Melbourne, at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

Beverage Appreciation Classes

Wine tasting event with people degustating wines

Lastly, try your hand at a beverage appreciation class. You can choose from:

But whether your beverage of choice is alcoholic or otherwise – the art of distilling, brewing and tasting is at your fingertips with these drinks-focused adult hobby classes in Melbourne. 

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