Advantages Of Hydroponic Herb Garden

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A holistic lifestyle is about a different set of choices! The shift from gluten and toxin-free eating to organic vegetables will make your mind pop up with several ideas. You could be pondering on herbs and growing them in your home space! Do you resonate with that? If yes, a hydroponic herb garden will work best for you.

What Is a Hydroponic Herb Garden?

The term hydroponic herb garden might appear complicated, like the scientific plant names. But it’s a secure system to work for. The hydroponic systems can help you create your indoor herb garden. Replete with essential nutrients and water, herbs are grown inside a container. An air pump is used to oxygenate the water so that it runs through the herb roots. Hence, the herbs grow fast and healthy.

Is a Hydroponic Herb Garden Meant for You?

Absolutely yes! I’ve seen most people opting in for it. Did you ever chance upon basil pots stored in water in supermarkets? It’s the hydroponic system at work.

Today, most commercial growers make use of this system for growing herbs within a minimal space in vast amounts. You can maximize profitability this way. Even if you’re a home grower, the benefits are alike for you as well. You can create your hydroponic herb garden outdoors or indoors based on your preferred location. If you’re aiming to grow culinary herbs, an indoor garden is apt. And when you create an outdoor patio, you can expand and arrange the space the way you prefer.

Benefits of Hydroponic Herb Gardens

Are you in two minds?

Not sure whether you should buy into the idea of hydroponic herb gardens?

Let me share eight compelling benefits that might help you change your mind. Also, always make a well-informed decision.

1. It Helps to Save Water

Grow herbs in a hydroponic system, and you’ll require just 10% of water. The quantity is much less in comparison to water used by plants in fields. Also, water gets re-circulated. The herbs will absorb the necessary water. The run-off ones get captured and sent back to the system. Chances of water loss can happen in two ways – First through evaporation and second when the system leaks.

Fields take up as much as 80% of water. Water conservation is essential. Hydroponic herb gardens grow high-quality herbs, preventing water loss. This gardening system is also useful for big-scale food production.

2. The PH Control Is Useful

Water contains maximum minerals. Hence, you have the chance to calculate and manage the pH levels of the water mix more efficiently than the soils. The herbs can soak in the perfect amount of nutrients.

3. The Diseases and Pests Are Very Less

Hydroponic gardens help you eliminate the use of soil! It reduces the chances of soil-borne pests such as groundhogs, birds, and gophers. Furthermore, your herbs stay can stay free of ailments like Pythium, Fusarium as well as the Rhizoctonia species. An indoor enclosed system also allows you to take complete charge of the encompassing variables.

4. It Saves Both Time and Labour

There’s a common misconception about hydroponic herb gardens. Few people think that the system is difficult to set-up, time-consuming, and laborious. It is far away from the truth. You need to spend minimal labour on processes such as watering, tilling, cultivating as well as purifying the pests and weeds. You can save time and use it to do something more productive.

5. You Don’t Need Soils

In one way, today you can grow herbs where the land space doesn’t exist is limited or is highly contaminated. Back in the 1940s, this gardening system was used to supply fresh vegetables to Wake Island troops and other places. It was considered to be a refuelling alternative for Pan American airlines. The site is a far removed region close to the Pacific Ocean. Today, this gardening technique is already recognized as the herb-growing system for the future.

6. Environment Control

Similar to a greenhouse, even a hydroponic herb garden system offers you complete climate control. From temperature, light intensification to humidity, everything is manageable.

Did you ever plan to grow herbs all year around?

If yes, this system is your best choice. You don’t need to stay limited only to one particular season. Go ahead and grow the herbs when you require them the most and add them to your homemade herb medicine mixes or your cuisine platters.

8. You Need to Use Fewer Herbicides and Insecticides

You can also stay away from harmful chemicals and grow organic herbs, rich in nutrients. When used in cooking or medicines, you can always experience the best results. Growing your herbs in a hydroponic garden will save the herbs from herbicides and insecticides. It further helps in smooth operation and increased productivity.

Hydroponic and the Stress-Relieving Leisure Activity

This is something very unique about the hydroponic herb gardens! Do you often get drained out after a day’s work schedule? If yes, you can get on with your indoor herb garden and retire back to the little corner. You can set aside time for just being around the garden and experimenting with unending ideas. Some of the hydroponic herbs to focus on indoors are as follows:

  • Basil (Growing Hydroponic Basil)
  • Anise
  • Catnip
  • Cannabis
  • Chervil
  • Chamomile
  • Thyme

There are several other advantages of a hydroponic herb garden that you can explore gradually! You can keep on customizing your requirements as you proceed in developing your indoor herb garden. Aspects such as system failure and lack of technical know-how can affect your herb garden. Read through these benefits and say yes to the hydroponic herb garden today.

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