The Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne – Review & Menu

Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne Review

The Rising Sun Hotel in South Melbourne is probably the closest pub to my office where I’ve been working for the past 2 years and yet, I’ve only been there twice. This is not to be confused with the similarly named Rising Sun Hotels in Auburn, Bendigo, Richmond, Townsville, Port Wakefield Rosewood, Broken Hill, Lobethal or anywhere else.

The first time I went to the Rising Sun Hotel was for pizza after work in October 2022 and again for a steak lunch in July 2023. I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty good pub and I really should eat there more often. Below are some photos of the Rising Sun Hotel and the food that I’ve eaten there.

Photos of the Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne

The Rising Sun Hotel is on the corner of Raglan Street and Eastern Road South Melbourne

Raglan Street Side

To the left is some undercover outdoor seating.

Eastern Road Side

There is outdoor seating to the right here as well.

Inside on the Raglan Street Side

There is plenty of seating and numerous areas to sit indoors.

The Kitchen

Every Wednesday they have Steak Night with a $25 Porterhouse Steak 300g.

The Rising Sun Hotel – Home of the Sydney Swans

As covered previously in the History of South Melbourne & Sydney Swans article, the Sydney Swans originated in South Melbourne. Whilst I’m no expert on AFL myself, this would have to be the undisputed best place to watch a Swans game in Melbourne. The place is full of South Melbourne / Sydney Swans memorabilia and is a favourite spot for locals who follow the team. Take a look around the old memorabilia whilst you’re there.

Pizza Specials at The Rising Sun Hotel

Pepperoni Pizza Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne

The Rising Sun Hotel only seems to offer one pizza at a time and they are $22 each. The first time I went, the pepperoni pizza I had there was incredible. I had to really force myself to get through the whole thing after also eating some of the cheesy garlic bread below.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne

This garlic bread with melted cheese was great. It cost $12 and I’d highly recommend it.

More recently, I took Jack out for lunch and thought it was time to return here as I’d been craving steak but didn’t want to walk all the way to Lamaro’s. Below is what we got at the Rising Sun Hotel instead.

220g Eye Fillet Steak

I went for the 220g Eye Fillet Steak which is from Flinders & Co, NSW and was Pasture Fed. It was $50 and the smallest size steak they had. As someone who is newly interested in steak, I went for the smallest cut as the smaller pieces usually have less gristle and tend to be more premium cuts. This piece was great. I had it with mashed potato and vegetables with creamy peppercorn sauce.

I only later realised that the angle I took this photo from makes the steak look smaller compared to the rest of the items on the plate and it was small, but not as small as it looks. Overall, I was quite satisfied with the meal and is probably the second-best steak I’ve had in a very long time.

Linguine Bolognaise

rising sun hotel Linguine Bolognaise

Jack had the Linguine Bolognese with parmesan cheese on top. He seemed quite impressed with it.

Whilst we were there we saw quite a few people from the office next door also eating here. I think this is their preferred regular lunch spot. I hope to return here to expand this review again soon!

Rising Sun Hotel Menu


Daily Specials

Steaks from the Chargrill

Choice Cuts from Cape Grim & Flinders Select
All below steaks are served with either:
Chips & Salad or Mash & Veg

Chef’s Special

Sauces / Butter (gf)

Side Dishes

Pub Classics


Champagne & Sparkling

Sauvignon Blanc



Pinot Grigio



Pinot Noir



Cabernet Sauvignon



Craft Bottled Beer

Bottled Cider

Soft Drink on Tap

Soft Drink Cans & Bottles

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