Southern Xross Kebabs Review

Southern Xross Kebabs Review

For breakfast/early lunch today I was really feeling something healthy, I was tempted to order Subway but realised that’s not something worth writing about, plus they didn’t have any specials going currently. Somehow I ended up looking at Southern Xross Kebabs and getting a meat container. Probably a lot less healthy, but it has been a long time since I’ve had Turkish food and the reviews looked pretty good.

Southern Xross Kebabs Reviews

On Uber Eats, Southern Xross Kebabs has a rating of 4.7/5 out of 200+ ratings, 4.4/5 on Facebook from 32 votes and a solid 4/5 on Google reviews out of 382 Google reviews.

Some recent 5-Star Google Reviews include:
“Absolutely best kebab shop! asked for extra olives and extra olives were received!!! everyone there is obviously gorgeous and so sweet. literally made my birthday one of the best! omg and my kebab was so good! like I am extremely white but the spice was actually perfect and it was so yum. 1000/10 amazing!” – Mia

“This little nondescript kebab shop opposite of Southern Cross station surprised me with its tasty and mind-blowing menus. We were initially a bit disheartened seeing the price and ordered a small size. But when the order arrived we were happy seeing the amount was sufficient enough. We ordered Chicken HSP and Tabbouleh salad with mixed meat. They were sensational, authentic and delicious and wiped away our tiredness. The meat was tender and tasty and the chips were crispy which I often don’t find in many restaurants. Friendly and polite customer service.
Downsides were
Dust from the street is free while dine in 😭!
They are mostly takeaway-based, so seating arrangement is not well organised or minimal. 🙁” – Abu Khan

Meat Container Review

I ordered a Large Meat Container – Mixed (with lamb and chicken) with Garlic, Chilli and BBQ sauce with added cheese. I am quite full after eating it. There wasn’t a single bad piece of meat in there, which I think I’ve encountered at other kebab shops. Everything was cooked well and I can’t really fault anything about it. I’d happily eat here again.

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