Effectively Freshening Up Your Bathroom On A Budget


A bathroom is a place in the house like no other, unless you have multiple bathrooms of course. It is the place where you go to freshen up in the mornings and evenings, as well as times of need, being the place where you are often left alone. During those few times you are left with your own thoughts, why not make it a bit more pleasant? Not that your bathroom is in terrible shape right now, but chances are you’ve been seeing it several times a day for the past few years, and it might just be time for a quick revamp. Let’s look at a few ways in which you could breathe some new air into your bathroom, without splashing out on an interior decorator.

The mirror

If your bathroom is like the very overwhelming majority of bathrooms, chances are it has a mirror or two within it. The mirror is not only one of the focal points of the bathroom, both functionally and visually when you enter the room, it is also something which can last you for a long, long time. Unless they are broken or dropped, mirrors do not magically stop working, so buying a new one might seem a bit wasteful; fortunately, you do not need to buy an entirely new mirror in order to give it a fresh look. Something as simple as framing your mirror could give it that fresh look you’ve been after, for a considerably lower price. Not only will it freshen up the interior a bit, but bring in a slight air of elegance.

The sink

Compared to the mirror, the sink gets quite a bit more “hands-on” use and can often end up a bit more worn out. Maybe a few scratches here and there, the tap is probably a bit leaky and looks like it has seen better days, we all know exactly how it is. Of course, getting a whole new sink can be quite the ordeal, not only do you have to buy a new sink, you also have to make new space to accommodate the new fit. Sometimes, just getting some new basin taps is more than enough to entirely change how you perceive your sink area, making it basically as effective as a whole new installation. Once that’s in place, all you have to do is keep it clean, leaving a section of your bathroom looking fresher than ever.

Fresh coat of paint

Painting walls is not the most costly thing in the world, and if you can manage to do it yourself, then you can get some fresh new colours in your bathroom for the mere price of the paint itself. If painting all the walls seems like a bit too much effort, you can still make a rather stylish looking interior while still being a bit lazy. Having a room painted two-tone is no new fad or anything, but it is often overlooked due to some people labelling it as “tacky”. However, that could not be further from the truth because even a single wall painted a different colour than the rest can effortlessly compliment the room.

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