Frugal Yet Eco-Conscious Homekeeping

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As the time goes by, environmental awareness becomes one of the increasingly discussed topics, be it on TV or in our social circles. I always liked the idea, so it’s no wonder it found a way into my home. Since I embraced the green lifestyle some time ago, I am usually that go-to-girl when some green expertise or opinions are asked for, so I can say that I had my share of eco-conscious discussions.

Does Green Lifestyle Demand More “Green”?

I was really surprised to see that the first reaction from new acquaintances, after my friends mention my habits, is: “Really? Wow, that’s great. Is it as expensive as it sounds?” Well, not really, because my earnings are far from spectacular. Still, I had an opportunity to notice two things. First is – People understand that sustainability is important for preserving the nature and being in touch with it, and making the country less energy dependant as well. The second was that, no matter how much sustainability is being discussed, green products are still not that present, which creates an aura of exclusivity, and, of course, exclusive price, around them. Indeed, some of them are more expensive than traditional products, which is the pill that’s still hard to swallow for majority of Americans. But, the great thing about eco-conscious housekeeping is that, for every dollar you spend in one place, it will reward your with several in some other areas.

Tips for Green Homekeeping

So, buying new Prius may cost you some money, but you can save a bunch elsewhere.

  1. Use the microwave. It consumes 50% less energy than regular oven, and is still as safe to use as it was during the peak of its popularity, despite some popular misinterpretations by the wider public. There are, of course some situations when the oven is unavoidable, but when they occur, I try to be as economical as possible and multitask with several foods.
  2. Use the extension leads. Turn them off when you are not using them as well. By doing that you will reduce energy consumption by 15%. Keep a close eye on TV, because it tends to stay in the standby for approximately 17 hours a day.
  3. Stop the water leaks. If you just turn the water off while brushing your teeth and stop the leaky faucet, you can save up to 48 gallons of water monthly.
  4. Get a spider plant. It helps me to purify the air in the bathroom, and avoid some more expensive and energy demanding alternatives.
  5. Use the discounts. I love being frugal, so I do my best to use discounts as much as possible. Without them, keeping the pace with my lifestyle would be hardly possible. So, do your best to use Amazon discount codes, seasonal discounts, and all the other lucrative offers whenever you can.
  6. Ditch the paper towels. Use your old towels and clothes for cleaning instead. You will give them a new purpose while getting rid of some clutter in the process.
  7. Green up the Garden. I started doing some landscaping several years ago. It took awhile for it to “take the roots” but today, results are more than pleasing. I have my very own personal Paradise to spend a time in, great shade to keep my house cool during the long hot days, and a garden where I can get healthy organic products for free. And it’s fun and engaging, too.

All of these small changes helped me to drastically improve the quality of my life, while keeping expenses at bay. Hey, you can even say that I am spending less money than before I made my green turn, so I certainly have no regrets for doing so. Try fighting the prejudices, and you will see that eco-conscious housekeeping demands not that much, and offers a lot.

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