Tips For Choosing The Right Colour Scheme For Your Decor

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Making the right choice for a colour scheme for a room is one of the most important decisions to make in making a house a home.  Here we will discuss some tips for making the right choice.  You really do not have to follow design theories or the colour wheel to come up with a successful scheme. Decorating is a subjective matter at best, and the one person you have to please is yourself.

For starters, do not select a paint colour first.  You may know that paint is relatively inexpensive, and can be matched with just about anything you put in a room.   Start out your search for colours with items such as furniture, tile, wallpaper, and fabrics.  Make your colour choice based on those. The scheme also depends on what kind of room it is, for example a dining room would require a different setting as compared to a bedroom.

Colourful smoke illustration, and the colours from left to right is yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, green

Most experts will tell you to make a choice between clean and bright, or soft and subtle.  If you are unsure about colour, you may want to test it first.  Make an overall plan of your home, and take note of what will be in each room.  Make special notes of the carpet, furniture, and colour of the walls.  Get swatches that represent the colours of those rooms, and then grade them as to how much you like, or dislike them.

Now consider just how one room will flow into the next, and what kind of mood you want to set.  In short, plan your home one room at a time for the best results.

Take Lighting Into Account

Modern dining room interior design with beige empty wall and minimal decor

You should never forget the impact of lighting.  Colour is really nothing but a reflection of light, so the amount of light, and the kind of light carries a good deal of weight.  You can experiment with light from lamps, natural light, or other light fixtures to see the effect it has on colours, your furniture, and other surfaces in the room.

Remember light from the sun is the considered the ultimate source since it has uniform intensity over the entire spectrum of colours that are visible to the human eye.  Also remember that sunlight varies from the time it rises to the time it sets, as it moves through an atmosphere that varies.  So take a look at your rooms at different times during the day to get a true feel for how it will look.

Rooms with only exposure to the north will only receive light in the morning of course, so warm colour palettes work well in them to soften shadows, and it also reacts well with artificial light.  Whatever choice you make, it’s not like you’re committed.  You can always make changes.

You can look at many colours before even picking up a paintbrush, but make sure you pick one that goes well with the overall theme.  You can also outsource the job to a professional interior decorator. These experts can give your house a whole new look.

Just remember to have fun while you’re decorating, and with these tips in hand, chances are your home will look stunning.

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