How to Make the Most of a Small Apartment Space

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Downsized and studio apartments are increasingly common due to rising rents nationwide. If you live in a major city, there’s a very good chance that you will be faced with the challenge of making a smaller living space work for your needs. As a single person or even as a couple, this might be manageable. However, if you have a young family, you have grown-up children or you are living with a group of friends, it can be much more challenging and it is crucial that you take steps to make the space as livable and functional as possible.

The good news is that you are not alone in this situation as there are thousands of people out there that have been forced to relocate to small er apartments due to the steady rise in the cost of living. Living in a smaller space can make life easier as there is less to clean, you will be forced to be more organised and you can look forward to enjoying a cosy, intimate setting when you get home from work. Focusing on the positives and making simple changes such as using an L-shaped sofa, decluttering the space, and using multifunctional furniture can all help to make small apartments seem more spacious.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can make the most of a smaller apartment space.

Entryway Benches

You can make up for not having a foyer by placing a small cushioned bench near the entry door. Typically this is where people will put on or remove their shoes as they come and go or change in and out of jackets, coats and outdoor clothing. Since you don’t have this luxury in a small flat, you can still create the intended area by placing a bench for sitting while putting on your shoes.

Store shoes neatly underneath the bench, add a decorative and durable oriental rug nearby, and then hang a full-length mirror next to the door. Now add some hooks on the wall for hanging jackets, and you have an inexpensive, functional, and stylish entryway that substitutes elegantly for a foyer and coat closet.

Use Modular Furniture

Modular furniture, like L-shaped sofas and sectional systems, is an excellent solution for small spaces, allowing flexibility and maximising functionality. In addition, the uniform styling of each piece will enable you to retain a cohesive look and vibe no matter where the components sit within the room.

If you need more seating, simply purchase another unit to match your existing piece and arrange them any way you like. These pieces are designed to work together and easily fit in straight-line arrangements along one wall or U and L-shaped configurations for cosy corners.

Remove Clutter

Living with more limited space means some compromise will almost always be required. Over time, we accumulate more and more belongings, we receive gifts received from birthdays or holidays and often update appliances without getting rid of the old ones. While this might not be a big issue when you have plenty of space, in a smaller flat it can be a big problem and you might need to spend some quality time making hard decisions about what to donate or sell and what to hang on. After all, the fewer things you have lying around your small apartment, the larger and more livable the space will appear so make sure to declutter regularly.

Organise Your Apartment

Once you’ve removed all the clutter, it’s time to organise in an effort to improve the “flow” of the space. Think of each area of the apartment and what it represents. Is this corner the sleeping area, the lounging area, or the work area? If you live in a studio, this approach will be even more critical. Aside from the separate bathroom, you’ll typically have only one room where most of your living and storage takes place.

The main room is where most of your items will be; the desk and chairs, sectional furniture, TV and dresser, etc. Arrange these items logically in accordance with how you will use them, and make sure that you choose the right furniture in the first place that fits the space well and provides multiple uses. The less confusion and clutter you allow within your living area, the more peaceful and relaxing your home will be.

Make The Very Most Of Your Space, No Matter How Small

There is so much that you can do nowadays to make the most of a smaller living space. In addition to all of the ideas listed above, you can also mount your flatscreen TV on the wall, use your clothes dresser as a nightstand, window sills can also be shelves for small items, the space under your bed can double as storage and there are countless other clever things you can do to save space. Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you must live in a perpetual state of compromise. With focused planning and intelligent execution, living a fulfilled, stress-free life in a cosy apartment is easily achievable.

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