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If you’re a small business owner it can be difficult to find the right resources and connections so you can continue growing. The life of an entrepreneur can be rather isolating but luckily Australia is home to some exciting Small Business Expos. These are designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with valuable resources as well as the ability to network with other industry professionals.

In this blog post, we will be taking an in-depth look at the calendar of upcoming Australian Small Business Expos so that you can attend and not miss any important opportunities.

Commbank Small Business Expo 2023

The Commbank Small Business Expo 2023 is an event that aims to encourage and empower all small business owners in Australia. Hosted by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this expo is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and connect with other Australian business owners.

Attendees will have access to a wide range of resources that can help them on their entrepreneurial journey. Not only will they be able to network with other industry professionals, but they will also have the opportunity to get valuable insights. The event aims to provide small business owners with the knowledge, tools and support they need to succeed.

In terms of resources, you will have access to educational seminars and workshops that provide the latest information about business trends, laws and regulations, and technological advancement. If you want to showcase your products the event also offers attendees a chance to sign up as an exhibitor and set up stalls.

The Franchising And Business Opportunities Expo

The Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo is an event that offers aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to explore new business opportunities. Hosted by the Franchise Council of Australia, this event provides attendees with access to expert advice and information on the latest trends in franchising, starting a business and additional resources available.

You will be able to network with franchise owners, learn from industry experts and find out about potential partnerships. The expo also features panel discussions which provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their experiences and gain insights from successful business owners. If you’re new to franchising you can also attend seminars to help you understand the basics of franchising such as legal requirements, marketing strategies and financing options.

Finally, attendees will have access to one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals who can provide tailored advice for any entrepreneur-related queries. The expo is sure to provide invaluable resources for anyone interested in starting or expanding their own small business.

B2B Enterprise Week Expo 2023

Do you have a business idea but don’t know how to get started? Are you overwhelmed with all the information out there and need guidance from experienced professionals to help you take your business to the next level? Imagine having access to industry experts, resources, and networking opportunities that can provide invaluable insights into starting or expanding your small business.

The B2B Expo Melbourne is an upcoming event designed for all business owners to connect with each other for guidance on their journey. It provides attendees with a great opportunity to dive deeper into business-to-business relationships and gain valuable connections in their industry. This event will give you the tools to not only accelerate growth but also give you valuable tools to improve your business strategy.

The event spans over 2 days and features 120 exhibitors, over 70 speakers and attendees of over 3,000, giving you some great networking opportunities. While a large majority of attendees are from medium-sized businesses, the expo also welcomes smaller-sized businesses and entrepreneurs of all levels to attend.  

Gold Coast Business And Jobs Expo

The Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo 2023 is a popular event that is not only for entrepreneurs but for job seekers too. Hosted by the city of Gold Coast, this event provides attendees with access to a variety of resources and experts in order to help them launch or grow their careers or businesses. There are over 310 confirmed exhibiting firms and 28 event sponsors, making this year one of the largest business events in Brisbane.

The expo includes business courses, a speaker programme, over 300+ exhibitors, food trucks, live entertainment and networking opportunities. The event includes displays from dozens of providers in the health, jobs and careers industries, business, entertainment products, wellbeing, government departments, employment and training, making it a one-stop business shop for all sized businesses.

Everyone will find something to their liking. Come get some excellent information, conduct some wonderful networking, and buy locally from one of the 300 exhibitor stands. Everything is here to help you learn and improve.

GCCI 2023 Business Expo

For Queenslanders living outside of any major cities, the GCCI Business Expo is a local initiative for regional business owners to collaborate and expand their knowledge. Hosted by the city of Gladstone, this event provides an excellent platform for business to share their products and connect with like-minded individuals.

The unique event features up to 40 local small businesses showcasing their products or services in designated areas and the ability to connect with potential customers. The GCCI Business Expo will offer an array of resources and experiences that are sure to benefit any entrepreneur looking to build success. Attendees will leave feeling empowered with the knowledge they need to take their business dreams further.


If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur there’s a great number of resources at your fingertips online but the best value is networking and attending face-to-face conventions. These upcoming events aim to provide invaluable resources for everyone involved in business looking. Hopefully, you can attend some or multiple events being facilitated and propel your career forward.

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