Where to Buy Nougat in Melbourne

This chewy Mediterranean dessert is a culmination of honey (or sugar), roasted nuts and whipped egg whites. Some have extras such as candied fruit, biscuits, or jam. Each piece of nougat is a true artisan piece of art, and it makes a healthier alternative to other desserts (but it shouldn’t be eaten in excess).

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How Does “Dial Before You Dig” Work?

If you’re a tradie, work in management or admin in the construction industry, or have ever worked on a home reno project, you may have heard about "Dial Before You Dig,” formerly known as DBYD but now operated by a nonprofit called Before You Dig Australia, or BYDA. BYDA is the service that helps you avoid accidentally hitting hidden cables, pipes, or other underground utilities when you're doing some DIY or construction work.

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