Schmuck’s Bagels Melbourne Review & Menu

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I’ve never really been into bagels, but I’ve had Schmuck’s Bagels (Guest Lane, Melbourne) at least 3 times now and think they are likely to be the best bagels in Melbourne.

Schmucks Bagels was founded by Jeremy Marmur who is of Polish descent and a descendent of a Holocaust survivor. The company website puts a big emphasis on the quality of its ingredients, and I’ve got to say, they do have quality ingredients.

I recall in the past that I’ve had the Schmuck Monsieur Bagel which has Shaved double smoked leg ham, melted cheese, dijon mustard and kewpie mayo on a sesame bagel, but I probably don’t have a photo of that so I’ll go through the bagels myself and my colleague Jack have ordered recently.

Photography Warning

Whilst this food was super amazing, I’m afraid the lighting in my office coupled with the volume of sauce and flavour oozing from these does not lend itself to the most appetising looking photos but trust me, this place is worth trying.

Schmuck’s Truffle Pepperoni Bagel

schmucks bagels melbourne truffle pepperoni

The Truffle Pepperoni Bagel is Mild smoked salami, truffle cheese, chilli kewpie, McClure’s pickle & mixed lettuce on a sesame bagel. This is my favourite one so far, I would have to say that it was one of the most flavoursome things I’ve ever had. It had a very, very strong flavour to it, which was a mix of spicy and truffle flavours, whilst not actually being super hot. I will definitely need to get this one again.

Schmuck’s Fiery Chick Bagel

schmucks bagels melbourne fiery chick

This is what Jack ordered and it contains crumbed free-range chicken breast, harissa slaw, cheese, kewpie and sweet and fiery chilly sauce on a sesame bagel. He also really enjoyed this but had to pace himself eating this throughout the day.

Schmuck’s The Truffler Bagel

schmucks bagels melbourne the truffler

Since I felt like writing about this place today, I made sure to order something different to include in the review. Given I really liked the truffle flavour of my previous order, I went with this other truffle-themed one. This includes crumbed free-range chicken breast with truffle cheese, McClure’s pickle, kewpie, harissa slaw, and sweet & fiery chilly sauce on a sesame bagel.

As an Uber One member, I needed to spend $20 to get free delivery, so I also added bacon and pickled cucumber. With this burger, I could now appreciate why Jack couldn’t eat all of his, the chicken was far more filling than my previous salami bagel. Whilst the ingredients were all clearly good quality though, it didn’t have as much of a strong taste as the pepperoni one and I’d not really recommend this particular item. I definitely want to get the pepperoni one again though.

Schmuck’s Bagel Menu

Schmuck’s Breakfast


Morning Sunshine
Pastrami & egg, melted cheese, dijon mustard, chilli mayo on sesame

Nutty Monkey
Blueberry bagel, Nutella hazelnut, banana slices, almonds

Stru Blue
Apple strudel, creamy cream cheese, buckwheat crumb on blueberry

PB & J
Toasted blueberry bagel, peanut butter and raspberry jelly

Bacon & egg, tonkatsu and iceberg on sesame

Sausage & egg, Kewpie mayo and iceberg on sesame

Avo Our Way
Smashed avocado, lemon, pickled red onion, capers, herbs on seedy grain


Fruit Salad
with passionfruit yoghurt & dried berries

Buckwheat Granola
with coconut yoghurt & almond milk

All Day Bagels:

Truffle Pepperoni

Mild smoked salami, truffle cheese, McClure’s pickle, chilli kewpie, mixed lettuce on sesame

The Truffler

Crumbed free-range chicken breast, truffle cheese, kewpie, harissa slaw, McClure’s pickle, fiery chilli sauce on sesame

Fiery Chick

Crumbed free range chicken breast, harissa slaw, cheese, kewpie, sweet & fiery chilly sauce on sesame

Polish Hot Brown

Turkey breast, hickory smoked bacon, kewpie, tomato, melted cheese and iceberg on rye bagel.

Schmuck Monsieur Bagel

Shaved double smoked leg ham, melted cheese and kewpie mayo on sesame bagel.


Tumeric roasted cauliflower, hummus, watercress, tomato, lemon on seedy grain

Oy Vey

Slow-braised pulled pork, harissa slaw, tonkatsu, crackling salt on seedy grain

Miso Schmick Tuna

Miso line caught tuna, wasabi peas, kewpie mayo, pickled ginger, pea-shoots, iceberg lettuce on sesame


Thick-cut salted beef, house piccalilli, dijon mustard dressing, sauerkraut on rye

Luv u Lox

Smoked salmon, creamy cream cheese, pickled red onion, cress, lemon on rye


Protein Balls – Health Lab
Peanut butter – Recover
Chocolate – Energize
Almond – The 3pm

McClure’s Pickles – Jar
Spicy (small whole pickles)
Garlic & Dill (spears)


Impressed Cold Press Juices
Glow-J, Ginger Ninja, Unearthed, Summer Greens

Cranberry, Blood Orange, Lemon, Mineral Water

Coconut Water

Boxed Water

Coke + Coke Zero 330ml/600ml

Hot Drinks:

Dukes Espresso
Balanced, full bodied and complex. Vibrant, red apple, caramel, milk chocolate, and cherry.

Hot Choc

Chamellia, Organic Tea
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint & Gunpowder Green

Prana Chai
(Only the good stuff)

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