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Today for lunch I wanted to try another pizza place on Uber Eats that I’ve not ordered from before, so I checked out which stores had a good deal going and found that today Woodfired Pizzeria on High was offering a free Italian Garlic Bread with orders of over $20. I love garlic bread and love free food, so the decision was pretty easy.

I took a look at their menu and whilst I have been ordering a lot of pepperoni pizzas lately, I thought I’d mix it up a little bit, going for their meat lovers pizza equivalent – the Tutto Carne Pizza.

pizza and garlic bread

Tutto Carne Pizza

Now from the picture on Uber Eats, I expected this to be a bit light on the toppings, but I knew it would be good quality ingredients, so it’s a fair trade-off. The pizza I received looked a bit different, with a lot of BBQ sauce on top of it, which you couldn’t see in the picture. This wasn’t a big issue. Some slices of the pizza had more of each ingredient than others and some slices totally missed ingredients, but I was surprisingly OK with it as it made each slice taste a bit different. Most noticeably when I found a piece of pulled chicken. This was very welcome and tasted great.

As you can tell from the name of the shop, this is a woodfired pizza. Woodfired pizzas have a different taste to regular oven pizzas. The dough here is actually really good. I don’t often have much to say about the dough of a pizza, but this really stood out to me. Maybe it’s been a while since I last had a Woodfired pizza in Melbourne. You don’t see them around near as much as the other type. Sadly, the woodfired one I used to get a lot in Werribee closed down a few years ago now. Anyways, back to this pizza. The dough of the crust is quite chewy which I actually like, I’m not typically a crust person, but this is definitely better than the normal dry crusts of most other places.

Italian Garlic Bread

This was quite nice, the bread itself was great but I think it could have been improved with a bit more butter or oil on it. I’m sure some people would disagree with that, but I really like garlic bread when it is dripping with grease. But, for free, I’m not complaining. I’d gladly have it again.


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Wood Fried Pizza


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