Dan’s Deli Toorak – Bagel Review

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First of all, I’ve got to comment on the presentation here. The stamped logo on the outside of the delivery bag and on the inside of the packaging makes everything feel very personalised and homely somehow. Not that I ever stamp packaging at home. Perhaps friendly is a better word here. This place gives a very friendly vibe.

We ordered from Dan’s Deli today because they had a really good deal – spend $30, get $15 off. I was considering a burger from here, but thought I’d better stick to bagels as it appears to be their speciality. I got the Pastrami Bagel and Jack got the Egg and Bacon Roll. I also had to order a hashbrown to hit the $30 threshold, ordering just our two bagels was 2 cents short. Very sneaky with your pricing there Dan.

So here are our thoughts.

Dan’s Deli – Pastrami Bagel

Caption: House-made pastrami, sauerkraut, pickles, Swiss cheese, horseradish mayonnaise and American mustard in a bagel of your choice.

When I was younger, I didn’t really think too much of bagels, often having very hard and dry bagels from Costco or somewhere like that. It’s only as an adult that I’ve started to appreciate these New York-style alternatives to burgers or sandwiches. This is why the incredibly soft poppy seed bagel I’m eating right now really stands out to me. This is definitely one of the best bagels I’ve had.

The horseradish mayonnaise mixed with the American mustard was also great. Something about horseradish mayonnaise really made this feel fancy and not a typical Melbourne flavour. This is definitely something you’ll want to eat in one go rather than leaving it for too long. The sauerkraut will eventually soak into the bagel bun, which made my second half a bit soggy. Still tasted good though! The poppy seeds were very messy.

Dan’s Deli – Hashbrown

I imagine that most restaurants buy their hashbrowns from the same suppliers as each other. This looked very similar to the hashbrowns sold at McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s. I think the oil used here was a bit better than what the fast food chains use, as this was crispier and overall better than what I’d normally get at one of those places. It did completely soak the bag it was served in to the degree that it became transparent.

Egg & Bacon Roll Reviewed by Jack Gallagher-Bohn

My Bagel was what one could describe as a walk down delight lane. Truly a phenomenal taste all around, I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful quality of the egg yolk. Moist, tender, delectable, the whole nine! The cheese complemented the egg in what can only be described as, an experience of divine culinary heaven. The bread itself was the epitome of flavour, 9/10.

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