Crust Pizza Port Melbourne Review & Menu

Crust pizza

After browsing through multiple pizza restaurants on MenuLog I stumbled across Crust Pizza Port Melbourne. After browsing their menu options for a couple of minutes I decided to go with the Capriciossa pizza with added chilli flakes, capsicum and extra mozzarella.

When the pizza arrived I was greeted with a delightful pleasant smell, that classic local pizza shop smell. However, this initial momentary excitement was squashed once I opened the pizza box to see what I could only assume was a dropped pizza. Not that this is the restaurant’s fault as I believe the delivery river likely dropped the pizza by accident. Anyway, the pizza looked good on the surface, I took my first bite and quickly realised the pizza was not entirely cooked through. Because of this, the pizza tasted “pasty” that’s the best word to describe it. Not only that but the extra mozzarella which I had to pay extra for, was essentially non-existent. I would bet money that if I bought 2 of the exact same pizza one with extra mozzarella and one without, there would be no difference. 

The pizza as a whole was average, maybe slightly below. 5 out of 10 at best, which is poor considering it cost $26 plus $5 for delivery. Crust should be a step above the cheaper alternatives such as Dominoes & Pizza Hut due to its expensive prices. However, in my experience, this could not be further from the truth. Both of the cheaper alternatives, Dominos & Pizza Hut are a step above Crust Pizza Port Melbourne. I would be willing to try Crust a second time, however, not from the Port Melbourne Restaurant. Maybe Crust Pizza at their other locations is superior but overall the Crust Pizza Port Melbourne experience was a poor one. 

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