Where to See Kangaroos in Melbourne


Did you know that there are approximately 50 million kangaroos in Australia? That’s about double the amount of people! 

Despite the huge number of kangaroos, it can be hard to spot them in the wild- much harder than it is to spot a human. Luckily, there are places within driving distance from Melbourne where you can see kangaroos- even wild ones! 

Wild Kangaroos

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing wild kangaroos in Melbourne hopping across the horizon. There are plenty of places near Melbourne where you can see kangaroos in the wild- just don’t get too close!

Halls Gap

a group of kangaroos in a grassy field surrounding by bushes and trees with mountains in the background at halls gap

Halls Gap via Google Maps (Photography: LWMC)

There are roos aplenty in the Grampians. You’re most likely to spot them at the Halls Gap Oval, but there are wild kangaroos roaming around everywhere- including baby joeys. It’s about a 3-hour road trip from Melbourne to Halls Gap, but there’s plenty of wild kangaroos to see there.

The You Yangs

a young kangaroo jumping across the road at the you yangs

The You Yangs via Google Image (Photography: https://maltpadaderson.com/2015/08/05/the-you-yangs-in-winter/)

The main attraction of the You Yangs is the hike to the top of a mountain, but there’s actually a great opportunity to see wild kangaroos in Melbourne. It takes just over an hour to reach this little slice of bushland.

Churchill National Park

a strong adult kangaroo standing next to logs and facing at the camera in a grassy field with blue sky and trees in the background at Churchill National Park

Churchill National Park via Google Maps (Photography: Olga Grypych)

Churchill National Park is in Rowville, less than an hour from the city, and in addition to the breathtaking views, you can see Eastern Grey kangaroos.

Gresswell Forest

a close up of a kangaroo standing behind branches in a grassy area at Gresswell Forest

Gresswell Forest via Google Maps (Photography: Jeff Evans)

Just 20km from the CBD in Greensborough, Gresswell Forest is home to around 200 wild kangaroos..

Plenty Gorge

A group of kangaroos standing in a grassy area with houses, a big tree, and two excavators in the background at Plenty Gorge Park

Plenty Gorge via Google Maps (Photography: Claude Castro)

About a 40-minute drive from Melbourne, this large park has walking trails that will help you locate wild kangaroos. 

Lysterfield Park

one kangaroo standing in front of a tree in a grassy area at Lysterfield Park

Lysterfield Park via Google Maps (Photography: Tom Elliott)

The beautiful Dandenong ranges are a goldmine of kangaroo spotting opportunities. About 45 minutes from Melbourne, Lysterfield Park is a great place to where you can see wild kangaroos going about their day.

Wilsons Prom

two kangaroos in a grassy field surrounding with mountains and trees at Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom via Google Maps (Photography: gul khan)

Wilsons Prom (Wilsons Promontory National Park) is full of wildlife, including kangaroos. You’re most likely to find kangaroos early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but they’re around during the day too. If you don’t happen to encounter roos, the beautiful prom is still worth the 3-hour drive!


a group of kangaroos standing in a golf field with tress and mountains in the background at Anglesea Golf Club

Anglesea via Google Maps (Photography: Alan Choo)

Surprisingly, golf courses are great places to see kangaroos, and the Anglesea golf course is no exception. Less than 2 hours from Melbourne on the lovely Great Ocean Road, the golf course even runs kangaroo tours.

Zoos and Sanctuaries

As exciting as it is to see kangaroos in the wild, you can maximise your chances of seeing these bouncing marsupials by visiting a zoo or sanctuary.

Melbourne Zoo

a kangaroo eating leaves in a grassy area at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo via Google Maps (Photography: Michael Wang)

Located right in Melbourne, Melbourne Zoo is the perfect place for a kangaroo encounter. Children visit free on weekends and holidays.

Healesville Sanctuary

a kangaroo lying down comfortably with eyes closed and legs stretching

Healesville Sanctuary via Google Maps (Photography: Ali M Saeed)

Just one hour from Melbourne is this safe haven where wildlife- including kangaroos- live safely. Healesville is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to conservation. A kangaroo keeper gives a talk daily at 11.30.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

a kangaroo lying on a dirt in a fenced area with grass and logs at Moonlit Sanctuary

Moonlit Sanctuary via Google Maps (Photography: Carlos Giuliano)

Only 50 minutes from Melbourne by car, Moonlit Sanctuary is a great place near Melbourne to find kangaroos and other Australian animals roam free. You can even feed the wallabies and kangaroos by hand!

The Funky Farm

a kangaroo standing on dirt and facing the camera at the Funky Farm

The Funky Farm via Google Maps (Photography: Sara Adams)

If you’re up for a road trip, The Funky Farm is a family-owned sanctuary located under 2 hours from Melbourne and is a goldmine of up-close and personal interactions with animals.

Werribee Open-Range Zoo

a group of kangaroos in a fenced grassy area surrounding by trees

Werribee Open-Range Zoo via Google Maps (Photography: Karanveer Rana)

Located just an hour from Melbourne is this massive 560-acre open-range zoo, home to over 300 animals including kangaroos.

Woodlands Historic Park

a young kangaroo jumping in a grassy area with trees in the background

Woodlands Historic Park via Google Maps (Photography: Jopopz Tallorin)

This peaceful park is located just 30 minutes from the CBD and includes a fenced paddock where you can meet their resident kangaroos and other wildlife.

Serendip Sanctuary

a group of young kangaroos in a fenced area, one is jumping next to a tree trunk, the rest are eating grasses

Serendip Sanctuary via Google Maps (Photography: Ania)

Tucked away in Lara, just over an hour from Melbourne, Serendip Sanctuary is completely free! This sanctuary is home to kangaroos and plenty of other fauna and flora. While you aren’t absolutely guaranteed to see kangaroos, you’ll definitely see plenty of wildlife.

Ballarat Wildlife Park

two young kangaroos eating grass in front of handrail

Ballarat Wildlife Park via Google Maps (Photography: RAJU XVER)

Ballarat Wildlife Park is about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and is home to dozens of kangaroos. Interactions with kangaroos are included in the entry fee, and food can be purchased upon arrival. You can really get up close and personal with these roos.

Gumbuya World

a group of kangaroos lying in the shadow of trees on the ground full of brown fallen leaves

Gumbuya World via Google Maps (Photography: Luke C)

Gumbuya World, formerly known as Gumbuya Park, is home to plenty of wild animals- and waterslides! Less than 2 hours from Melbourne, Gumbuya World is an iconic day out for Melbourne families. 


Victoria is filled to the brim with beautiful animals and wildlife, and Melbourne is certainly no different. So, if you’re visiting, or just want to reconnect with the great natural outdoors, there are many kangaroo-viewing options available in Melbourne that will allow you to really feel Australia’s natural ecosystem in action.

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