How to Pack for Moving House Interstate

Moving house

Moving from one state to another? Here are some tips and handy hints for the best way to pack for your interstate move. You’ll be all boxed up, relocated, and settled into your new interstate home in no time!

Culling, Sorting and Packing Your Belongings for an Interstate Move

Step 1. Get Rid of Any Unnecessary, Unwanted Items

Without a shadow of a doubt, moving home is the best time to finally get rid of those old, unwanted and random objects you’ve been holding on to for far too long. Better yet, when moving house interstate, you will want to travel as light as possible! Of course, quite literally lightening your load will not only make your move easier, but it will also reduce the cost of moving home from one state to the other – resulting in a more cost-effective, cheaper move! The added benefit is that you will have less stress and hassle when packing up your belongings, and you will have already done the hard work of culling the items you no longer need.

Admittedly, the hardest part of culling your belongings is letting go of sentimental objects. Try asking yourself which of your possessions no longer “spark joy” – as the now famous home planner, designer, and organiser, Marie Kondo would say. If those outdated odd ends and old bits and pieces no longer give you a reason to keep them, it’s most definitely the right time to get rid of them! Perhaps most importantly, by getting rid of the bulk of your belongings, you will of course have much less to move – meaning that your interstate moving experience will be much more seamless, smoother and easier from the get-go!

Step 2. Safely Package Up Your Belongings to Avoid Any Damage While Moving

Needless to say, you want your treasured possessions to arrive at their final destination intact, undamaged and in one piece. Of course, the key to ensuring this, and to minimising damage to your valuables during a house move, is to ensure they are safely and sturdily packaged up. Fragile items in particular should be carefully wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap before being boxed up. The quality of the moving boxes you are using is also just as important. Choose sturdy, supportive and protective cardboard boxes which will ensure that your items will survive being moved and bumped around while relocating!

Equally important is to ensure that your cardboard boxes are adequately taped up so that nothing falls out and breaks – this would be disastrous and is easily avoidable with proper packing and taping. Sticker labels with the text “fragile” can also help to identify which boxes contain the most precious items which require the most care and attention. Indeed, labelling all of your packing boxes goes a long way in making the moving process easier once you get to the other end of your move. By writing on and marking each box with a brief description of the contents, and also the room in which they should be stored, you will be able to easily locate and identify your possessions, saving you time and stress when it comes to unboxing your belongings in your new home.

Engaging the Assistance of Professional Removalists On Each End of Your Move Interstate

Of course, one way to make your interstate move is to engage the services of professionals. Professional removalists in both your home state and the state you are moving to can be of great assistance on either end, ensuring that your move is as easy, stress-free and smooth as possible. It also saves you the hassle of trying to move all your possessions yourself, which can be damaging to your back if you are not especially strong or good at lifting heavy objects and big-ticket items such as lounge suites, including items such as sofas, bulky armchairs, and couches, and kitchen furniture such as dining suites, tables and chairs, and bedroom furniture, for example.

Make Your New Interstate Location a Home

Now that you’ve moved, unpacked and settled in, it’s time for the best part – exploring the neighbourhood! Taking a walk around your new block can be a great way to discover local gems and hidden treasures in the area, as well as to chat with and get to know your new neighbours. This is for sure a fantastic way to become familiar with your new state, and of course, your new home!

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