Grill Americano Melbourne Review, Menu & Photos

Grill Americano Melbourne Review

When we recently saw that the powerhouse Melbourne hospitality conglomerate, LUCAS Group, was repeating their generous ‘Bonus Voucher’ offer (an extra 20% voucher gifted with the purchase of a LUCAS Group restaurant voucher), my partner and I jumped at the chance to dine at the notoriously fancy Grill Americano in Melbourne’s CBD. 

Although I had purchased the LUCAS Group voucher in December, we waited to schedule our indulgent and admittedly extravagant dining experience for our romantic Valentine’s Day weekend. Upon arrival at the venue, however, we realised we hadn’t been the only Melburnians who had chosen to do the same! Despite our early dinner reservation, virtually every immaculately set table in the establishment was full. 

Grill Americano Melbourne: 112 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

The Interior of Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Stepping into the venue, we realised we had outdone ourselves: the dimly lit, soothing piano-jazz-soundtracked ambience of the up-market establishment was both chic and overwhelmingly grand. As the kids call it these days, the vibe of the place was decidedly “boujee”. 

The restaurant’s dark interior was lit solely by atmospheric circular lamps hanging from the ceiling, complemented by the opulently navy-hued walls and furniture. We were quickly directed by the exceptionally attentive wait staff to our plush, cushioned seats. To our brief surprise, our little table for two was slightly wobbly – this was noticed and remedied immediately without us having to ask. 

The Grill Americano Melbourne Kitchen.

The Bar at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Comfortably seated, our waiter then proceeded to recite the dining and cocktail menu with precision, assuring us that he would return should we have any questions. And boy, did we have questions! Although I had already perused the menu prior to arriving at the venue (as any good restaurant snoop should and must do!), the high-class offerings were slightly bamboozling, and the menu was predominantly written in Italian. 

We decided to go straight for the drinks menu and selected a cocktail each. My whisky-loving partner chose a bourbon-infused concoction entitled the ‘Beeswax Boulevardier’, while I went for the more girly ‘Cherry Spritz’. Both drinks were a delight to sip on! My partner was particularly impressed that the perfectly sculpted ice cube placed in his beverage was imprinted with the restaurant’s insignia. 

Cocktails at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Beeswax Boulevardier Cocktail at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Cherry Spritz Cocktail at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Overwhelmed by the menu choices, we decided to skip the extensive entree selection and go straight to mains. We each chose a pasta dish: for my partner, the Spanner Crab Linguine, while I indulged in the Lobster Tortellini with Saffron. Upon prompt delivery of our dishes to our table (the wait service was remarkably quick!), we sneakily sneaked a quick taste of each other’s meals. Both dishes were truly tastebud tantalising, with the saffron-infused jus that doused my tortellini dish being particularly drool-worthy.

Lobster Tortellini at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Spanner Crab Linguine at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

Finally, it was time for dessert! This was the moment I had been waiting for, and I was salivating at the chance to taste Grill Americano’s *viral* Tiramisu. We were tossing up on getting another dessert dish to go with it, and truly, we were glad we didn’t! The mouthwatering portion our waiter scooped up out of the giant communal dish and onto our plate was seriously enormous! It was more than enough for the two of us to share, with my usually coffee-resenting partner licking up every last crumb of the decadently creamy and chocolatey treat. We both commented that the dish was much more chocolate-infused than coffee-laced, which I didn’t mind, and he was delighted about. 

Tiramisu at Grill Americano, Melbourne.

It was a wonderful end to an exceptionally decadent and indulgent dinner – an experience that would certainly be worth repeating, perhaps next time the LUCAS Group decides to extend their ‘Bonus Voucher’ offer. 

Grill Americano Melbourne Food Menu

Grill Americano Melbourne Cocktail and Drinks Menu

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