WizBurgerz Lonsdale Street Melbourne Review, Menu & Photos

WizBurgerz Lonsdale Street Melbourne Review with Logo Banner Image

Today I left work early to get to work early, but there were several accidents, slowing me down so I only get here twenty minutes early. This meant that I couldn’t stop anywhere for food, so I was thinking about food pretty early on. I checked out Uber Eats and set it to places that have specials and came up with WizBurgerz on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. They appeared to be open early and offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on their standard Wizburger with fries. Jack and I ordered these and got them delivered by Uber Pass for $34.45 down from $53.80. This included adding a Chipotle Mayo Sauce for $1 and Bacon for $4 each.

Wizburgerz Burger Review

Two boxes of Wizburger with fries
Two boxes of Wizburger with fries
Wizburger with fries and Chipotle Mayo Sauce
Wizburger with fries, Chipotle Mayo Sauce, and extra bacon
Wizburger with fries
Wizburger with fries

The buns on the “Wizburger” burger are definitely good quality. I like this type of melted cheese a lot as well and it has a strong taste I can enjoy in each bite. The bacon is crispy and contributes a strong flavour as well. The pickles are fancy and the tomato and lettuce added some softness to the burger.

The shoestring fries come with a special seasoning that is slightly spicy and perhaps slightly sweet. It’s really good though, it reminds me of the old McDonald’s Shaker Fries that they do periodically. Whilst Wizburgerz offers several flavours of sauces, the chips are flavourful enough that you don’t really need the sauce, but given mine were quite cold, the sauce does help.

This was great! I highly recommend it.

WizBurgerz Photos

Here are some photos from around the web of other people’s orders from WizBurgerz locations.

Thunderbolt (Pancake Burger) by @eat.with.cherise via Instagram
Thunderbolt (Pancake Burger) by @eat.with.cherise via Instagram
A box of burger with fries
A box of burger with fries by @luciagames via Instagram
Waffle chips with shake
Waffle chips with shake by @gregii_la via Instagram


The Colossus with hash brown, cheese, and beef
The Colossus with hash brown, cheese, and beef by @lloyds_burger_adventures via Instagram

WizBurgerz Menu

🍳 Breaky Burgerz

🍔 WizBurgerz

🍟 Sides & Wizbites

🥧 Dessert

🥛 Shakes

🥤 Soft Drinks

About WizBurgerz & Its Locations

WizBurgerz is a delivery-only restaurant chain that appears to have begun in NSW. Lonsdale Street appears to be the only Victorian location so far. The other locations include North Rocks, Ryde Hosptial, Kings Park, Mulgrave, Wilverwater, Moorebank, Rydalmere, Guildford, University of Wollongong & Moore Park.

Go Dark

WizBurgerz is run by Go Dark, a Dark Kitchen franchise that allows restaurants to operate additional franchises within their existing restaurant. It turns out this is the second restaurant I’ve had on Uber Eats from this company, with the other being Yeah Birdy. Other ghost kitchen franchises by Go Dark include Duke of Yolk, Scoop N Chill, Bebbanburgers, Bowl Shack, Uncle Jaff’s and Faladeen.

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