The Mill Brewery ft. Dingo Ate My Taco

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The Mill Brewery ft. Dingo Ate My Taco

In the past, some close friends who knew about my love for Mexican food recommended the Dingo Ate My Taco food truck but I’ve always missed it whenever I’ve gone looking for it. I finally got the opportunity to try Dingo Ate My Taco at their temporary location at The Mill Brewery and I was not disappointed. The prospect of also tasting some locally brewed beer, stouts and sours was an experience that I was sure I didn’t want to pass up.

The Mill Brewery – Location, Transport and Parking

The Mill Brewery is located at 40 Sackville Street in the heart of Collingwood. Located only a 2-minute walk away from the tram stops on Smith Street, getting to the Dingo brewery is a breeze. There is some street parking available nearby but if you intend to go to try the beers it may not be safe for you to operate a vehicle afterwards.

The Mill Brewery – Photo from The Mill Brewery website.

The Mill Brewery is based inside an old heritage warehouse. Low-intensity mood lighting hung from the ceilings inside with music playing through the speakers built a very inviting atmosphere with plenty of couches, tables and stools scattered around without interfering with the standing room inside. Outdoor tables and benches were provided with plenty of room to navigate around.

The Mill Brewery Inside – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Within the warehouse, a small kitchen was set up which is where the Dingo Ate My Taco team were cooking away. Aromas of beef, chicken, chilli and other spices and sauces filled the air. Paired with the prospect of locally crafted beer my mouth was watering three doors down just walking towards the establishment.

Craft Beers On Tap at The Mill Brewery

The bar has 14 taps lined up all with beers and collaborations with other brewing partners all labelled clearly on a large chalkboard behind the bar. As brews vary from month to month these brews along with their type and prices change periodically providing something new to taste every time you visit. The Mill Brewery house beer called “Cracking Lager” is always top of the list and was very good. Not a typical lager with some flavours I wasn’t expecting but definitely refreshing.

We quickly discovered the best way to experience all the beers the brewery had to offer was by ordering a paddle. For $18 you could have a small glass of any 4 brews of your choice on tap. Between the four of us, we were able to sample everything. Some of the brews tasted great but admittedly some may have missed the mark as well however I think that was due to our own individual preferences.

The Mill Brewery Beer Paddle – Photo by Dylan Gatt

The great thing about the The Mill Brewery though is that there is going to be something for everyone. With lagers, IPAs, stouts, sours and seltzers all on tap you’re bound to find a drink they’re going to resonate with.

Dingo Ate My Taco – The Best in Melbourne?

If you want to try the best tacos that inner Melbourne has to offer, Dingo Ate My Taco may lay claim to that title. You will have to get in quickly though. Due to the popularity of these Dingo tacos the food truck routinely sells out of dishes towards the end of the night so get down nice and early so you don’t miss out.

The first tacos I tried were the house recipe Birria Quesa Tacos. Three tacos filled with beef brisket, onions and cilantro served with a slice of lime and a side of Dipping Consomé with Spicy Salsa Dingo. For $21 the price may seem a little expensive but the flavour is certainly worth the price. The house salsa is packed with flavour and although spicy isn’t overpowering. Dipping the tacos into the consomé is the ultimate treat. You can also get a table serving of 16 Birria Quesa Tacos for $105 which is fantastic value for a larger table.

Birria Quesatacos at Dingo Ate My Taco – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Once I finished the Birria Quesa Tacos I needed more. I quickly looked back at the menu and before long I had ordered another two tacos.

The $8 Brisket soft taco featured their beef brisket on a handmade flour tortilla covered in Pico de Gallo, pickled onion, cilantro and Salsa Roja. For those who aren’t a fan of spicy food, these soft brisket tacos really hit the spot.

The $8 Chicken soft taco featured their slow-smoked chicken on a dark blue corn tortilla topped with cilantro, onion and fresh Salsa Aguacate. These chicken tacos were arguably the best of the night with the green salsa rich and full of flavour that complimented the chicken perfectly.

Chicken and Brisket soft tacos at Dingo Ate My Taco – Photo by Dylan Gatt

Whilst I didn’t have the opportunity on the night to try the vegan tacos which feature corn fungus, onion and mushroom but if the rest of the Dingo Ate My Taco menu was anything to go by these will surely be delicious.


For lovers of craft beer, The Mill Brewery in Collingwood is a place that should definitely be high on the list of drinking holes. With their rotating menu changing on a seasonal basis there is always going to be something new to try whenever you visit.

For taco enthusiasts, Dingo Ate My Taco is a must-visit. Whether it’s at The Mill Brewery or the other locations where their food truck pops up, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and flavour of food you’ll experience. As their location changes, I would highly recommend visiting their website to see when they’re close to you next.


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