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Melbourne is often referred to as the ‘most livable city in the world’, and with good reason too. The city of Melbourne is truly a melting pot of different cultures, traditions and diverse lifestyles, all of which can be seen through its artistic (some may even say iconic) landmarks. If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne sometime soon, this is the article for you. Whether you plan on exploring the city by walking, catching a tram or simply hopping on a Lime Scooter or hiring a motorcycle, here are the top artistic landmarks that you need to scribble down on your bucket list. 

Flinders Street Station

Night View of Flinders Street Station
Night View of Flinders Street Station via Darkon Website

Flinders Street Station  – you’ve probably seen it on postcards, travel blogs or even on Instagram. So, what is so special about this train station? Flinders Street Station is essentially Melbourne’s version of the King’s Cross Station in London. Flinders Street Station is possibly one of the most beautiful train stations you’ll ever set eyes on thanks to its gorgeous architecture, clock tower, and iconic green dome. Flinders Street Station has a rich history too – it was the first train station built in an Australian city and by the mid-1920s, it has become one of the busiest train stations in the world. Located on Swanston Street, the Flinders Street Station is hard to miss. A plus is that it is surrounded by dozens of riverside bars, restaurants and pubs where you can sit and enjoy the Melbourne sunset. 

The Shrine of Remembrance 

The Shrine of Remembrance
The Shrine of Remembrance by Sachin Hebballi

The Shrine of Remembrance is an iconic Melbourne landmark that is full of rich history. Built by World War 1 veterans and architects James Wardrop and Phillip Hudson, The Shrine Of Remembrance was built, you guessed it, in remembrance of all Australians who have served in armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Situated in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road and is a 15-minute walk from sister icon Flinders Street Station, this is one artistic landmark that you must not miss. Expect to see thousands of army uniforms, objects and photos from World War 1 when you visit the shrine, so don’t forget to bring your camera! 

Hosier Lane Street Art

hosier lane mel credit robert blackburn
Hosier Lane credit Robert Blackburn via visitmelbourne

If you love all things big, bold and beautiful, you’re going to love Hosier Lane. Hosier Lane is one of the most iconic spots in Melbourne, with tourists from all around the world flocking to its laneways to catch a glimpse of some of the best street art and graffiti in the world. Hosier Lane is a spot where local and international artists are allowed by law to display their creativity through art that often mimics the current state of the world, politics and social justice issues. Hosier Lane is located just off Swanston Street in the Melbourne CBD and attracts around 5000 visitors every day. You definitely want to be one of the 5000! 

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral by SJ Holdings
St Paul’s Cathedral by SJ Holdings

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of St Paul’s Cathedral. Situated across the street from Federation Square, St Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic Melbourne landmark that features awe-inspiring gothic transitional architecture. The interior of the cathedral features rich colours and strident colour contrasts along with stonework that was constructed of the Waurn Ponds limestone. Paul’s Cathedral was built on the site of Melbourne’s first Christian service after Melbourne was founded in 1835 – this is as iconic as it gets! 

Eureka Tower

Eureka Tower by TheFlyingRat
Eureka Tower by TheFlyingRat

This one definitely isn’t for anyone afraid of heights. Opened in October 2006, Eureka Tower currently holds the title of Melbourne’s tallest structure. The Eureka Tower soars above nearby buildings in the Southbank area and is often seen in photographs and postcards of the Melbourne skyline. Fun fact – it is the second tallest skyscraper and residential building in the southern hemisphere. Let’s not forget that it also has an observation Skydeck on the 88th floor where visitors can purchase tickets to immerse themselves in the “Edge” experience — a transparent glass cube that actually sticks out 3 metres from the side of the building. Daredevils, rejoice. 

The Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building by Nader Chebbo
The Royal Exhibition Building by Nader Chebbo

The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens is one of Melbourne’s most beloved artistic landmarks. This iconic building was the first home Australian Parliament before it became the prime location that it is for festivals, exhibitions and events that it is today. The Royal Exhibition Building serves as a home to annual events such as Big Vegan Day Out, Cat Lovers Show, Health and Wellness exhibits and so much more. The building itself is surrounded by some of the most amazing flowers and greenery you’ll ever see. It is also the nation’s first building to be awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. With events occurring almost on a weekly basis, you’re sure to experience something unique and exciting at The Royal Exhibition Building. 

Arts Centre Spire and NGV

NGV & Arts Centre Spire by Ali Jeff Jafari
NGV & Arts Centre Spire by Ali Jeff Jafari

The Arts Centre Spire is one of the most easily recognisable landmarks in Melbourne City. At first impression, it kind of looks like a faux Eiffel Tower as it rises like a beacon from the middle of the Arts Centre. Easily visible day or night, it is home to the Victorian Arts Centre – a prime location for concerts, theatre shows and all things related to the performing arts. Just a short walk away you’ll also find another Melbourne icon, the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) International which is home to dozens of world-famous exhibits all year round. 

Federation Square

Federation Square by Arun Chandran
Federation Square by Arun Chandran

Federation Square is another incredibly famous Melbourne landmark that is located literally across the street from Flinders Station. Fed Square is an architectural icon that features three public spaces that are home to a variety of restaurants, pubs, bars and event spaces. Federation Square is home to SBS television headquarters and the Ian Potter Centre along with a variety of weekend events and activities that range from free concerts, food festivals, art exhibitions and so much more! 

And there you have it – 8 of the most iconic Melbourne landmarks that you definitely should not miss out on. Whilst these landmarks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rich culture and heritage of Melbourne, they are certainly the ones that you should squeeze into your itinerary if you only have a few days in the city.

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